Home Renovations That Will Increase Home Value

The United States saw a housing market boom in 2020 despite the recession of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have to settle for less than their dream home, while others are planning to sell at the high point of the market.

Remodeling and “flipping” homes have become more popular as fixer-uppers become more common for people’s first homes.

Regardless of why you are renovating, these renovations will help improve your home’s appearance and value. If you are a new owner, hopefully, these tips will help you build your dream home.

If you are a seller, these renovations will at least get you a better return on your house, which means a larger down payment for your next forever home. 

Replace Your Windows

One of the easiest and most inexpensive renovations to do for a home is replacing the windows. Windows are an exterior renovation and often go unnoticed by home renovators.

Wood windows are known for a great return on appraisement and also are more visually appealing than vinyl windows. In addition, new windows like the ones seen here are more likely to be properly sealed, which means the temperature in your home will be more consistent.

Replacing your windows will make your home more energy efficient which also cuts electricity costs. Brand new windows will also increase your home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic. 

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings were once a coveted style but have now become an easy way to spot a dated home. Every homeowner struggles with removing them, so you can either do it for yourself or charge the new owners a premium for removing it for them.

Popcorn ceilings make even the most modern home feel dated, so its removal will surely add to the overall appeal of your home. In addition, popcorn ceilings can often attract dust and dirt and yellow with age.

The material also reduces the brightness of lights and leads to a darker and muddier home. Some studies even suggest the chemicals in popcorn ceilings can be dangerous to your health. 

Repaint Everything

Another inexpensive but transformative renovation is painting. A home’s outer and inner appearance can be improved greatly with just a fresh coat of paint. In addition, painting is one of the easier DIY renovations.

New paint can often make a home appear newer, brighter, and cleaner. You want to paint the exterior for a refreshed “curb appeal” and paint the interior for a continued good impression.

Neutral and not stark white tones are a great option because they can be easily adapted to any home design style. If you do not have the budget for a complete haul over, you can also focus on high-traffic areas to reduce the appearance of an aged and worn home. 

Replacing the Roof

Roofs are a crucial part of homes yet often go ignored when renovation happens. Roofs are not meant to last forever and should be regularly checked for problems and replaced or repaired if there are any issues.

Many home renovations are able to be done by the owners but All Climate Roofing, a Malibu roofing company, recommends leaving all roof renovations to professionals. Roofing has been shown to be worth the investment in terms of returns on a home sale. 

Replace Wood Siding 

As stated above, the exterior of a home is often ignored in renovations, but the exterior of a home is as important as its interior. Damaged sidings often make homes appear poorly maintained and aged. Replacing the siding will help appraisers increase your home value and also add to the structural integrity of your home. It is also an attractive renovation that will raise curb appeal. 

Exchange Carpet for Hardwood

High-quality carpets are just as expensive as hardwood and require much more maintenance. Homeowners, prospective and current, overwhelmingly prefer hardwood in a home.

You can either replace the carpet in your home with hardwood for yourself or charge a large premium to the new owners for having done it prior to listing the home.

Wood floors have been known to be the best investment a homeowner can make in terms of return on renovation. With good care, wood floors are some of the most durable floor materials out there. 

Deck Addition 

Decks are one of the best ways to increase “living space” and hence increase home value. They are easy to build and much cheaper than building an additional room or expanding your general living area.

They can serve as an outdoor entertaining space which will increase both home value and appeal. It is also a great selling point for many prospective homeowners.