It’s Okay To Give Your Significant Other Personal Space 

Maintaining a relationship with a significant other requires so much give and take. Finding a balance between supporting one another’s strengths and weaknesses while also taking turns for key events like treating out to dinner and planning the date night can be a lot of work in the beginning of the relationship until you both have established a good flow of making everything work. 

A big discussion you should both have early on in the relationship is when and how you will give each other personal space. Whether you met on or in person, going into any new relationship should involve this discussion. You should both advocate for your own personal space so you two can join each other again feeling refreshed in one another’s presence. 

The Meaning Of Personal Space 

Personal space as defined in a relationship is a person giving them self time to make choices that will benefit only them. In turn, these self-made decisions will help them to come back stronger with a desire to nurture the relationship to better heights because such independently-driven choices will fill that one person’s cup with renewed self-confidence and self-esteem. 

For example, a woman in a relationship may take advantage of her personal space to feel good about herself by going to the hair salon or spa for a self-care day on a day that she is off of work. A man’s day for personal space may consist of building a new man cave at home or catching up on a favorite video game that he hasn’t played in a while.  

The Reasons Your Partner Needs Some Personal Space

Depending on who is asking for personal space in your relationship, discuss the reasoning behind why your partner needs some time alone. Everyone is unique and their feelings on why they need time to themselves could be completely different from the reason that you usually need time to yourself. 

If you are both parents to children and whether you live with each other or not, the primary parent who is with the children most may need personal space and time away from them to refill their cup. 

Maybe you are both dating without kids. Reasons one of you might need personal space include:

  • Demanding work responsibilities.
  • One partner wanting to spend time with their friend circle.
  • Feeling really touched out with being around people and just plain needs some time alone. 

Especially if one of you is working a customer service job that requires always talking to people, time may be needed to digress and have a long time of silence while doing an activity that’s desired to refill their cup. No matter the reason for why a person in a relationship needs personal space, you should honor that request as it provides a host of great benefits for that individual to get the time they need for themselves. 

Time Apart Harvests Great Benefits

Time apart from one another, while you may miss that person, can provide a host of great benefits for the relationship. When your partner is done with their personal space duration, you guys will come back together stronger individually so that you can both support one another as a unit. 

The partner who requested personal space has not only achieved their goal, but also will feel emotionally better that they were able to have that time to themselves. The other partner who may have not asked for the personal space in the first place may have taken some of that for themselves as well and also feels much better because of it.