breast cancer awareness

Physical pain, fatigue, and the stress of a severe medical diagnosis—it can be hard to cope with cancer. It’s emotionally draining, physically challenging, and financially debilitating. Even with health insurance, it can be hard to find a way to pay for cancer treatment.

You can go through mood changes that include anxiety and depression. And of course, add to that the distress of having a severe medical condition. According to scientific research, emotions can even affect your decision-making after your diagnosis. So, it’s crucial to find a way to get through it all. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Get emotional support.

It’s important not to ignore the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis. You can get support from friends and family. Or, talk to a professional to help you sort through the feelings. You will begin to feel the anxiety of managing your medical bills. You will feel distressed about your condition. And, you can even feel depressed from the fatigue that comes with it. The longer you ignore it, the more you will suffer.

If you can’t afford professional treatment, you can call a cancer support helpline. Many helplines are free—or offered at a minimal cost to patients. If your diagnosis is terminal, try palliative care. It can sometimes be the support you need during this difficult time.

Prioritize pain management.

Medication can make you feel drowsy, adding to the fatigue you already feel. And, without it, the pain can be hard to manage. However, you don’t have to pick one or the other. Have you considered CBD oil? Made from the hemp flower, CBD is an excellent solution for pain relief. One way to start is to make the most of the benefits of CBD flower products.

Products derived from the hemp plant, including CBD oil and edibles, are a good idea for pain relief. Without the side effects of the THC content, you will receive only the benefits of CBD. The CBD-rich hemp flower is a better option than being on too much medication. With most chronic illnesses, CBD can help with nausea and physical pain. It can also help you emotionally. The health benefits of CBD include alleviating anxiety and depression. Pick products that have a high CBD content to get the most out of the cannabis plant. Different strains have different health benefits. So, do your research to pick the best one for you.

Don’t stress about your finances.

Cancer can be costly to treat. You will have to deal with high medical bills—which can cause stress. However, there are ways to get through it. You could join a free cancer trial. Or, raise the money for medical bills with a charity auction. Some patients may also be able to get terminal illness grants.

Remember, your insurance options change depending on your life expectancy. And, sometimes, your savings will not be enough. Call your insurance company to find out about your insurance policy. You may no longer be able to afford your premium payments or need to surrender the policy. In these instances, contact a life settlement broker. If you have a terminal illness, consider contacting a viatical settlement provider.

Viatical settlement companies help you meet end-of-life expenses by buying your life insurance policy. Depending on your specific life insurance, they will also help keep your family out of debt. And, the sale of a life insurance policy also entitles your family to a death benefit. It will help them meet any costs owed after your passing. First, to get the most out of a viatical settlement, ask a broker to explain the details. Find out everything about the cash value, death benefit, and policy’s face value. It will help you get a fair price before you sign a written agreement.