Lindsey Manufacturing’s Emergency Restoration System is right now used in all corners of the world. This is because it manages to successfully deal with a problem that can be destructive when actually needed. Let’s take a look at why Lindsey Manufacturing Company is the top choice when electricity restoration systems are needed, all thanks to their flagship ERS.

Unexpected Network Damage

There are many different things that can affect electricity distribution networks. While most of them can easily be solved, some are difficult to deal with. The biggest problem is always when towers are affected. Unfortunately, towers can be destroyed by so many unplanned things, like erosion, ice, storms, flooding and even human acts. The Lindsey Manufacturing ERS structures are lightweight and were created in order to quickly get power lines back to an operational status. This is possible by safely and quickly going round the structures that are permanently damaged. Through the use of the ERS structures you can replace or rebuild permanent structures in just a fraction of the time it takes to do so with the regular towers.


One of the main reasons why Lindsey ERS is nowadays preferred is the fact that all structures used are reusable and completely modular. This means that the entire system can be built from scratch and can match the requirements of the current establishment. Engineers can easily adjust and configure chainette, herringbone, tangent, running angle and dead-end structures.

Versatility is increased even more by the fact there is no need to lay down a foundation. You do not need to drill holes or build concrete foundation. You can add the towers in literally all soils and they will be usable at absolutely all voltages. It does not matter if the system needs to run on DC or AC. The ERS structures are as flexible as they could be.

Worker Safety

Obviously, we are talking about structures that are used in scenarios where things are not at all pleasant. This automatically means that worker security is a concern. Lindsey Manufacturing realized this and worked hard to create a system that is completely lineman friendly and safe. The units are compatible with all the fall arrest systems used at the moment. The linemen can use the gear that they are familiar with.

As a simple example, footing is wide and highly comfortable. This means that it is a breeze to climb the towers. Although lightweight, every tower can accommodate a maximum of four workers that sit at exactly the same height level. Other accessories like hoists and platforms can be used to improve safety even more. All structures just use permanent anchors for safety purposes.


Whenever really quick tower builds are needed, Lindsey ERS towers need to be considered. They are simply the very best the industry has to offer at the moment. All that you have to do is to take a look at the systems that were installed in the past and that are still used at the moment. These practically became a part of the permanent network, which is a statement about reliability.