For Maria Cobb Newport Beach is a fantastic part of the country and one that any family should consider for a vacation. In fact, this is why Kevin and Maria Cobb started their Five Star Vacation Rentals business, offering wonderful homes for rentals to families, couples, individuals, and friends. Each property they offer goes through a complex rating and review system, so that they can guarantee they are always comfortable, safe, and fully fit for purpose.

According to Maria Cobb Newport Beach Is the Perfect Vacation Destination

Since the Great Recession, so-called ‘staycations’ have become increasingly popular. No longer do people travel far and wide to visit the four corners of the earth, they are interested in what can be found right on their doorstep. Not just that, however, they no longer look for hotels for their vacations either. Instead, they rent entire homes, giving them the opportunity to have their own space in which they can cook, entertain, and more, just as they would in their own home.

Kevin and Maria Cobb love to help people find those types of vacation rentals, which is their particular business. They operate not just in Newport Beach, but also in Big Bear, Mammoth, and La Quinta, areas that all have their own individual charm. To help people find the vacation rental of their dream, they have developed a number of important tips:

  1. Decide on where you want to go and study the local area, determining things to do and see. This will help narrow down the search of vacation rentals.
  2. Read reviews on the properties that look interesting left by other visitors, trying to find those who are in a party similar in size and makeup. For instance, someone who came with no children will have a very different experience to someone with a toddler and a teenager and their review is therefore less relevant.
  3. Search online for the different properties that exist and make sure the photographs on the listing are recent and provide an accurate description of the property itself.
  4. Do not sign anything or agree to anything until after reading all the different terms and conditions, the contract, and so on. Pay particular attention to the fees included in the price, the deposit and how that will be returned, cancellation fees, and so on.

With those four tips, anyone should be able to find the vacation rental of their dreams. Five Star Vacation Rentals has a variety of properties available in many different locations across Southern California. They are also always happy to answer questions, talking to people about the history, geography, and culture of each of the areas in which they operate. They also encourage people to read the different ratings and reviews that their past guests have left so that they can get a real and genuine idea of what the homes are like and what makes them so special.