I am not sure if you have ever had the pleasure of visiting a Bonworth store but I want take some of your time today to explain why for me, this is the very best clothing store that you can visit. I must confess that I am not usually someone that gives positive reviews or 5 stars to a particular company or store, but this is one which I simply cannot fault. I visit my local Bonworth here in Henderson, NC at least twice per month, sometimes more, and you can find the outlets all over the country. If you haven’t been yet, here is what you can expect when you do go.


Ethics and morals aren’t usually something that you would bring up when discussing a clothing store but that is exactly what you will get when you go to Bonworth. The idea that COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has instilled in this company is that families are welcome, and that girls are all beautiful, regardless of shape, size or appearance. In fact the company’s slogan is BeBonworthBeautiful offering further evidence of how they present a positive image for young girls, very important in this current social landscape of body shaming.

High Fashion

Another aspect which I love about this store is the pieces which they sell, often looking identical to what you may have seen recently on the catwalks of Paris and Milan. There are a huge range of different styles which the company sells and they range from classic fashion to modern chic, there is something here for every type of fashionista.

Mother and Daughter

I often find shopping with my daughter quite difficult because there is a 25 year age gap between us and we both like very different types of clothing. Instead of going to 5 shops for her and 5 shops for me however, we know that we can come to Bonworth and be able to get everything that we each need, without having to wait for the other. As mentioned before this is a company which really represents family values and that is why it makes for the perfect place to take your daughter for an afternoon of retail therapy.


The prices that you will find here are very reasonable and when you consider the high fashion pieces that you can buy, you will be even more impressed at their pricing. Furthermore you will often see discounted items and sales and if you sign up to the newsletter you will receive a huge amount of promotional material as well.


Finally I want to make a note about the staff, not only are the very kind and helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to help you out, they are predominantly female. This is something which we need as women in my view, to know that there are companies out there that put us first, and are aware that girls are the best people to help other girls out when shopping.