Most people think about science as a noble pursuit where knowledge has intrinsic value. However, science can also be quite profitable. Many modern scientific discoveries have the potential to earn big money. Here are the top five areas of science that have the most earning potential in the modern world.


Most of the medical innovations in the modern era start with biomedicine. This science is relatively broad and focuses on using medical theory in practical applications. In other words, biomedicine seeks to develop new treatments to help people. Obviously, the implications are vast. The world is clamoring for new medical advancements to treat devastating conditions such as HIV, cancer and infertility. There have also been plenty of breakthroughs in cell line development technology and other areas of biomedicine, which makes this area of science quite lucrative for those with a business mindset.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It is also not just about lifelike robots. Instead, artificial intelligence has real applications in a wide variety of industries. It is increasingly being used in automated computer software to help businesses perform routine tasks with more ease. Therefore, it has applications in travel, sales, human resources, finance, security and more. Major companies like Google, Lyft, Boeing and more have all made significant investments in artificial intelligence to do business better. In other words, companies are turning to artificial intelligence to make more money. Accordingly, this area of science will surely be profitable in the years to come.

Renewable Energy

There are limited resources on our planet, but the need for energy is only growing stronger. Therefore, it is no surprise that renewable energy is in high demand. Companies that focus on providing safe, clean and affordable renewable energy are poised to score big in the marketplace. Types of renewable energy are often related to the local environment. For example, in areas like California, Texas or Arizona, solar energy is very popular. However, in states like Iowa, Illinois or Kansas, wind energy is booming. The need for energy is not going to abate anytime soon. That is why keen businesses can turn a significant profit with the right investment in renewable energy technologies.

Food Technology

Another limited resource is food. With 7.5 billion people on the planet, new food options are needed to feed the growing population. More than that, food sources need to be sustainable and healthy. The heavily processed foods of the past have come under scrutiny, which means there is room for innovation in the field. Now, consumers are looking for plentiful food sources that are nutritious and wholesome. Areas like improved crop production, genetic engineering, organic farming, and preservation are all incredibly important. This means they can also be incredibly viable for smart businesses.


Robotics is sometimes conflated with artificial intelligence, and while there can be some crossover between the two, robotics is a field all its own. It is also a very profitable field. In robotics, the demand extends to many business arenas. Police and law enforcement have turned to robotics to use machines for dangerous jobs like diffusing bombs. Manufacturing uses robots to streamline plant production. People are even using robots in their homes with the invention of automated vacuum cleaners and other household conveniences. With the right business acumen, robotics can have applications in retail, food service, healthcare and more.