Family vacations

Traveling with infants is tricky, but not impossible. Prepare for departure before the big day and experience smooth sailing ahead, whether you travel by plane, automobile, train or other methods. Babies aren’t difficult when traveling so long as they’re comfortable and content. The longer the trip, the more cause for worry. Pack the diaper bag with the essentials below and rest assured your trip with a small child is as simple as any other.


If you don’t already own a bottle travel organizer, it’s time to make this purchase. They allow you to travel with prepared bottles without concern. Whenever you travel, packing a fresh bottle for baby is important, especially when traveling on vacation or for other long-distance needs. A hungry baby is a very unhappy baby. Stopping to purchase formula or prepare a bottle is time-consuming and causes frustration for everyone on the trip. Skip that worry by preparing bottles before leaving for the trip.


Babies love their binkies. For many parents, these little nubs of plastic and rubber save their sanity when it’s time to put their baby to sleep or when their bundle of joy is getting cranky. They’re soothing and comforting when baby needs it the most. Bring a pacifier case on your trip to safely store the binky collection. This helps to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria during the trip. A case also helps to keep the binkies in one place, making them easy to access when needed most.

Diapers & Wipes

Bring lots of diapers and wipes with you when traveling, even when it’s a short trip. The baby may very well need the diapers! Of course, wipes are needed during diaper changes, by they also come in handy when traveling for a multitude of other uses. Use wipes to clean dirty hands and faces, to quickly clean baby spit, and many other reasons.

Bag of Snacks

Whether moving abroad or simply headed to the beach for a week’s vacation, a bag of snacks always saves the day when traveling with your baby. Fill a bag with Ceerior or other mom-approved snacks and keep them nearby to offer baby when he’s fussy, sleepy, hungry, etc. More often than not, a delicious snack will ease the baby’s fussiness when traveling.

Change of Clothing

Accidents happen. They often occur at the worst times, but this is problematic only if you’re unprepared. Keep a fresh change of baby clothing folded neatly inside the diaper bag for easy resolution of any accident.

Toys & Books

A happy baby eases travel strains and worries. A happy baby has a full stomach and his choice of books and toys. Rotate toys/books every so often so baby doesn’t become bored. Do not offer all of the toys/books you bring for the trip simultaneously.

Since travel is sometimes hectic, it’s ideal to pack extras of all of the baby essentials on the list above. It’s better to have more than you need than less, especially where the baby is concerned. It takes little time or effort to prepare to travel with young children. Put forth that effort and secure your smooth travel experience with the little ones in tow.