If you are thinking of moving abroad, then there are lots of things to think about. Along with finding a new home, looking into the ex-pat community, and bushing up on the language there if needed, you also need to think about your children’s education. This is key to not only helping the whole family settle but also to ensure that your child reaches their full potential.

What are the various educational options that you could choose from?

Many parents choose an international school

In broad terms, it comes down to a couple of choices. You could go with one of the local schools nearby. However, this may not be the best option. They may only offer localized qualifications that are not accepted globally and may also be hard for your kids to settle into if they are the only foreign child there.

The second option is the one that most ex-pat families go for: international schools. In fact, the standards they set are so high that many of the local children go to these schools! International schools are great for a variety of reasons, as we will explore.

Why choose an international school?  

What is it about international schools that make them so amazing? Read on to find out:

  • Internationally recognized qualifications – one major bonus with an international school is the qualifications with which your child will graduate. Many will offer qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate that are accepted by employers across the world. As the curriculum is standardized, it also makes it easy to change from one international school to another if you have to move again.
  • Personal development – many international schools, including Stamford American International School (HK), are superb for helping your child to develop personally. They pay great attention to helping them reach their full potential and be a true global citizen of the world.
  • Amazing culture – at these types of school, there is always a great mix of cultures and nationalities. This gives your kids a chance to meet lots of different people and learn how to interact with them. This not only helps them to settle into their new life more quickly but also stands them in good stead when they move into a career upon graduation.
  • Keeps them healthy – as part of their personal development, many international schools will encourage students to take part in sports. There are usually many school sports teams and after-school sports lessons for students. This focus on sports helps to embed healthy habits in your children for the future.

Many benefits to an international school 

As is clear from the above list, sending your children to an international school is a great choice. They offer not only an inclusive and safe environment in which to thrive but also great academic qualifications at the end of it. The business world is becoming increasingly global now and having a qualification that allows them to take part in this is key. The diversity of culture that they will also experience will help them greatly when interacting with people in this sphere.