The gym and fitness market in the US alone is reported to be worth around $30bn. When you look at the global figure, this is nearer to $80bn! These statistics show just how popular going to the gym has become in our society. This is actually a great thing as it shows that we are now taking our health seriously and doing more to stay in shape.

While going to the gym has become something that more and more people do, you may have heard some myths that have built up around it. Most of these are simply not true and are urban legends that get passed on from person to person. The issue that it can bring though is when it stops you from going.

This is a real shame as hitting the gym regularly is not only great for your health but also for meeting new people and socializing. What about those enduring gym myths that abound in the 21st century?

The kit that you wear does not matter

If you are serious about getting the best results and most enjoyment from your gym membership, then what you wear is key. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but you will need to have the right clothing to help you exercise at your peak level. Footwear is key, especially if you will be on the treadmill, so make sure that you have sneakers that are suitable. Your leggings or shorts should be comfy to wear and move in, as should your top.

Compression wear is also very effective for helping you to exercise to your optimum performance and recover quickly, with no discomfort. This kit is worn under workout clothes and includes sleeves for women that can really reduce any post-workout stiffness in the region.

Gyms are intimidating 

This is one of the classic gym myths that is still heard in the 21st century. It is simply not true anymore! Modern gyms have come a long way from the sweaty, male-dominated weight-lifting enclaves of the past. The latest gyms are light, airy and cater for all abilities and tastes. Most will have swimming pools along with a range of interesting classes to try. Even better, many have cafés where you can grab a healthy smoothie after your session!

They are expensive

Another classic 21st-century gym myth to ignore is that all gym memberships are expensive. It is true that you will find some high-end ones that cost more, but there are also plenty that don’t. Check out any community gyms in your area as these can be very cheap or even free. If there are not any of these, then there will be some great-value private gyms close by for you to join. The key is to shop around and take advantage of any superb offers.

You have to wait to get on the machines

Another of the common fitness myths that you may hear around gyms is that you will have to waste time waiting to get on the machine you want. This does have a grain of truth in it, but it comes down to expectations. Most people who complain about this get annoyed if they have to wait even one second, which is not fair – waiting a few seconds for someone else to finish is not a reason to slate all gyms! Also, this can be controlled by going at times when the gym is not busy and you can get straight on.

You need to be drinking protein shakes as you work out

A lot of talk around working out at the gym now is around having a protein shake constantly by your side. For all but the professional bodybuilder or athlete though, this is not true. The vast majority of people can make do with plain water, which is not only cheaper but also less hassle to put in a bottle.

Don’t be fooled by myths

Going to the gym is still one of the best ways to get in shape and enjoy some classes that you would not get anywhere else. The act of simply joining up will give you the extra motivation to go and exercise regularly. When you compare this to working out at home, where it is too easy to not bother, gyms are a great choice. Don’t be fooled by the many stories and myths that you hear about them – as you can see from the above, many are just not true!