TME enterprises are always looking for the next new success to join their group but why would they pick you.  So, you have found that the job of your dreams has become available, and we all know how important it is to find a job that we love. We spend so much time of our life at work it is soul destroying if we don’t like our work, at least most of the time.

With your resume, it’s a no brainer that you need to stand out from the crowd, otherwise why would they interview you let alone hire you. So how do you make your resume stand out without being over thetop. Here are five ways you can do it, irrespective of the job.

Respond specifically to that job post, mirror what they want with your skill. If they want a chef it is no good telling them that you are an expert skier! When you are applying for a job it can all look very formal and a little dull but the one that stands out the most to an employer is one that matches all of their requirements. Be creative with how you have the traits, use things you have done in the past to reflect this, dig deep if required.

Rather than just stating your roles and responsibilities, show what you have accomplished through these. Explain, in detail, how you are great at your job and that you go the extra mile. Describe where you have excelled. If you are going for a promotion showing that you have excelled in your job will also show that you are ready for the next level.
For some jobs numbers and statistics can be used to sell you, what sales target did you have and what did you smash it by?  How much did your new idea save your company in time or money or both? How big was the budget you managed? How many houses were built on the back of your project and so forth. There is no arguing with cold hard figures as long as you can prove it if requested at interview.

A summary section on your resume is useful to list your achievements don’t put bland comments such as great communicator instead quantify them with a qualification or instance when you proved this. Generics are boring and not believable. Write something to grab the interest of the reader.

Even if you have a whole host of qualifications, if they are irrelevant to the job you are applying for do not add them.   If you put down irrelevancies it suggests to your potential employer that you don’t fully understand the job you have applied for or what you need to do to be successful at it.This will put them off interviewing or hiring you. Although it is not wise to leave gaps so for these jobs, just put the dates and title.

Your resumes will be read by managers who are probably very busy and won’t want to have to read through a load of irrelevancies to find the detail. They are more likely to just put your resume in the “no” pile if they don’t immediately find what they are looking for.