It’s important to keep the conversation going if we want to protect the environment. The problem is that for some people, environmental issues aren’t even a big deal. Therefore, it’s crucial that the debate continues so that everyone becomes aware of what’s going on. To ensure the success of the event, these are some tips to consider. 

Find the right venue

Make sure the place is large enough to hold everyone who wishes to attend. Finalize the number of attendees first so you can find an appropriate place. You don’t want to cram the attendees in one small area. You also don’t want to make it look like there are few attendees just because the place is too big. 

Target the right audience

Who do you want to attend the event? Do you want to target young people? Do you want professionals to take part? The level of discussion and the people you invite to the panel will depend on who you expect to attend. 

Be specific with the issues

You can’t just say it’s a climate forum without specific topics in mind. You want everyone to be aware of what’s going on, and also take something important from the event once it’s over.

Invite people from different industries

You need to have speakers or panelists who can give expert information and advice. Make sure that they’re among the best people in their respective fields. You will also have a livelier discussion by having them attend. Don’t forget to ask people with different points of view to make sure that no one feels left out. The event should feel like a forum rather than propaganda.

Keep it short but informative

People are busy, and they will find it difficult to spend several hours listening to a forum. A few hours should suffice. Make sure that you have a moderator who can control the flow of the discussion well. When people leave the room, they need to feel like they got something important out of attending.

Open the floor for questions

The moderator can ask questions to the panelists, but it’s also a good thing if you involve the audience. You want everyone to feel like they have a say in the discussion. Besides, you invited experts to take part. Some people might want to obtain specific information from the guests.

Clean up after the event is over

Make sure you clean up after the event. You’re advocating for the environment. If you can’t maintain the cleanliness of the place you use, it will backfire. People will think that the organization is hypocritical, and isn’t sincere in its efforts to save the environment.

Organize a similar event again in the future if it succeeds. You want more people to receive the right information and take the necessary steps to protect the environment. You need as many people as possible supporting your cause.