Tips For Selecting The Right Wardrobe

If given the chance, every homeowner will get the best possible furniture for their home. This includes wardrobes, which have nowadays become an indispensable inclusion in modern bedrooms.

Because of the increased popularity of closets, their purpose goes beyond storage. They showcase your taste and also contribute to improving your home’s visual appeal.

With many options to choose from, it can be challenging to selecting the right wardrobe for your needs.

Below are some factors you need to consider when shopping for these vital pieces of furniture.


The amount of space in your bedroom determines the size of wardrobe you can buy. Before you get a particular model, measure the height of your ceiling.

It’s advisable to leave a small space (at most five centimetres) at the top of the closet for passing a duster while cleaning.

When determining the wardrobe’s depth, consider the space between it and the walls and other pieces of furniture. Ensure that you also leave enough clearance for opening parts like doors, cabinets, shelves, and drawers. 

If you intend to share the closet with your partner and other family members, make it as large as possible. Whatever you do, always ensure that your wardrobe is spacious and practical.


After determining the size, you need to choose your preferred type of wardrobe. Some popular options include hinged wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, and walk-in wardrobes.

Hinged wardrobes are the most common type of closet. They are cheap and are available as either freestanding or built-in structures. On the downside, they need a lot of space to allow the doors to open and close freely.

On the other hand, sliding wardrobes use space more optimally. Though they are costlier than hinged-door closets, they make up for it with their unrivalled elegance and versatility.

Since they don’t take up much space, you can also use them in other rooms, like your home office, kitchen, and so forth.

Walk-in closets are the most expensive type of wardrobe, and rightly so. They are spacious and boast several features that enhance their functionality. Some of these features include:

  • Shelves for storing hats
  • Drawers for the small items
  • Seating
  • Dressing
  • Valet rods
  • A safe


Because of its size, your wardrobe has a significant influence on your home’s overall appearance. You need to choose a design that blends with your existing theme and the rest of your furniture. This includes the colour palette, finishes, and detailing applied to the walls, windows, and doors.

If you want a minimalist look, go for a built-in wardrobe without doors. If your bedroom has ornate interiors, buy a closet with decorative designs.

Likewise, pick colours and finishes that match your existing palette. You don’t want to invest in a closet that disrupts the visual harmony in your room. Instead, they should complement each other.

Regardless of the type of wardrobe you choose, you can customise the design of your wardrobe. Here, you have the freedom to choose the finish, colour, material, and size of your closet. Notably, this customisation comes at an extra fee.


It’s essential to know how you intend to use your closet’s shelves and drawers. Are they deep enough to store large items like blankets and duvets? Or, are they too deep that you will have a hard time finding your outfits?

The same applies to your hanging space. If you own several evening gowns, long coats and other large garments, it will help if the wardrobe has a full-length hanging space. For shorter clothes like shirts and dresses, a half-height hanging rail is enough.


Regardless of your wardrobe’s size, style, type and functionality, it’s a waste of money if it isn’t made of quality products. A closet is a significant investment that should serve you for several years. Upgrades shouldn’t be forced – they should be optional.

Take time to assess which materials were usedto constructthe wardrobe before purchasing it. Always prioritise wood, glass and aluminium over plastic because they are more durable. More importantly, take good care of your closet to prolong its lifetime.

Getting a new wardrobe doesn’t always have to be a challenge. The tips mentioned above are an excellent starting point for anyone looking to make this investment. Alternatively, you can reach the experts for a more detailed consultation.