Girl Power

If you want to change the shape of your body, you need to be committed to incorporating weight training into your fitness routine. This task can be particularly challenging if you are a busy mom. Here are five ways you can meet your fitness goals despite your busy mom schedule.

Incorporate Exercise into Your Regular Routine: It’s understandable to be overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to find blocks of time in your week to exercise. However, by incorporating these activities in your daily life, you will find that it is easier than you think to stay fit. For example, try doing squats each morning as you stand there waiting for your coffee to brew. Making fitness a family affair can also help moms find the time to balance parenting duties with a desire to get into shape. For instance, use a bike size for height guide to get your kids their own proper sized bicycles and go on rides around the neighborhood as a group. It’s a great way to spend time with your young ones while also meeting your fitness goals.

Focus on Maximum Protein Intake: While cardio is crucial, some moms may want to build muscle too. Savvy health enthusiasts know that protein is the building block of muscle gain. Science has proven time and time again that eating plenty of protein will build strength and muscle mass. Focus your efforts on consuming an abundance of lean protein. Good sources include chicken, fish, eggs, lean beef, Greek yogurt, beans, cottage cheese, nuts, tofu, and low-fat milk.

Watch Your Diet: While many people focus on protein, you also cannot neglect the other elements of a healthy diet. In addition to consuming adequate amounts of protein, it is important to eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. Staying properly hydrated is also key when building muscle mass is one of your goals. Being intentional about consuming a wide variety of all of these nutritious foods will pay big dividends for your overall physical health, supporting your goals to gain more muscle. Busy moms often find that planning your meals will help you to avoid temptations in your diet.

Limit Cardiovascular Exercise: If building muscle is your primary fitness goal, it’s recommended to limit the amount of cardiovascular exercise that you do each week. Although you do not have to cut out all cardio, you will want to focus the bulk of your workouts on weight training and other strength-building exercises. Too much cardio work will encourage the loss of muscle as you also burn excess calories. If you are short on time because of your parental responsibilities, high-intensity weight training will yield the biggest results.

Drop the Guilt: One of the biggest roadblocks that busy moms face when trying to exercise is overcoming the guilt that they feel when taking time for themselves. If you are committed to being a healthier version of your current self, you are going to have to drop this guilt. Remember that you will be a better mom if you have time to take care of your own needs first. Once you get in the habit of taking time for yourself each day, it will be easier to make this a priority and reach all of your strength training and overall fitness goals.