Come Christmas morning, there will be the presents that your kids expect, the ones that Santa left under the tree in exchange for a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. Obviously, knowing they are there under the tree takes none of the excitement away, and kids still love waking up Christmas morning to rip back the wrapping paper and see what they got this year.

But sometimes, the best gifts are the ones they weren’t expecting. All the presents are unwrapped, and Christmas feels like it’s over for another year… then they open the window to find a trampoline in their backyard, or they open the door to mom and dad’s room to find a puppy sauntering around. Every once in a while, those big surprises can be tremendous fun for the whole family.

Here are three ways that you can make Christmas morning into a shockingly fun experience.

A Backyard Surprise

They’ve unwrapped all the presents, and are sitting back on the couch contentedly. But you aren’t finished yet! Ask them to let a little light into the room by drawing the blinds to the backyard. When they do, they will see a brand new trampoline waiting for them. In order to pull this off without them finding out, get the perfect size trampoline online and coordinate delivery, or store the trampoline at a friend’s or relative’s until Christmas morning.

A Magical Getaway

What better way to announce a family vacation than by revealing it on Christmas morning? Plan a trip to Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, or one of the many other kid-centric holiday spots, and break the news to them with a holiday surprise. Even if the date is a few months in the future (let’s say April) you could get them a calendar for Christmas – then, when they thank you for the gift (thinking it’s just a calendar) you tell them to flip to April, where they will see a date circled. “Family vacation to Disneyland!”

A New Addition To The Family

No, not a baby – although, you could certainly surprise your kids with that! If your kids have been hounding you (pun intended) about getting a dog, Christmas morning is the perfect time to surprise them with one. Pets are a big responsibility, and too many families give up pets to a shelter when they realize they can’t take care of it, so make sure you and your kids are ready for the new addition, and up to the task of caring for it. A puppy is a classic way to surprise kids on Christmas morning!

Take your family on a trip to a magical kingdom, bring a little bit magic to your own backyard, or invite a new, furry member into the family. These are just a few ways that you can make your kids’ jaws drop this Christmas. Old Saint Nick may be the reliable go-to for gifts on December 25th, but only mom and dad can turn Christmas morning into a big surprise for the whole family.