Boat refinancing in Florida gives you plenty of opportunity to explore all of the surrounding areas. There are over one hundred islands to investigate and you can explore the glorious sand and seaside as well as discovering the native wildlife. Island hopping can be one of the most fun and exilerating pastimes. The adventures of the journey, the beauty when you arrive and the new and interesting species and even cultures are all breath-taking.

The south West of Florida is the best area for island travel. The area near Fort Myers is a great place to start. From here you can reach over one hundred islands from the Gulf of Mexico.

One of your first adventures could be to placid Pine Island South, this is a fairly tranquil waterway between the mainland and what are termed the barrier beaches. From there why not pop onto Boca Grande or Cabbage Key. Each island has its own distinct character and culture even though you do not have to travel very far to experience them.

Whilst on your journey take care not to miss the bottlenose dolphins who are in abundance on the Gulf or the Florida manatees which leave a circular footprint on the top of the water as they go. You may also catch site of ospreys, shorebirds, pelican and the roseate spoonbill who you will recognise from its shocking pink bill.

Other wildlife highlights include ospreys, pelicans and shorebirds, while the shocking-pink roseate spoonbill is a local speciality. If you want to find the turtles, the best turtle beaches are those which are tranquil and peaceful. The Cavo Coast State Park is one of the best areas for discovering nesting turtles. Even some of the more popular beaches such as Sanibel or Fort Myers will have turtle nests. Sit back and watch them under the shade of the magnificent palm trees, your own piece of bliss.

If you prefer artefacts or edifices to nature you can head for the lighthouses of Boca Grande or Sanibel. Head for Matlacha if you would like to visit the art galleries. In all of the places don’t miss out on the fabulous seafood or the excellent stores. Sanibel has a hidden extra which include shelling, souvenirs and popular articles. These are not your tacky shell ornaments these are true modern and beautiful artefacts crafted from shells.

So, once you have your boat finance and you can head to the shores, the world really is your oyster. You can plan weeks or weekends of fun filled activities; taking in all of the hundred islands may take some time. You can visit places and become immersed in their culture, take time out for some of the finest dining. Visit the museums and stores and find out the best parts of each of their cultures. Remember to take care and be aware of any safety issues, always read up on your destination and the waterways between you to ensure that you have a really amazing time.