When Scott Beale was younger he loved planes but he could not have told you the difference between an ADI instrument, the Alimeter, or the distance gauge in the cockpit. Thanks to his passion however, he worked extremely hard to reach his goal and he is now Scott Beale aviation expert, which has a far nicer ring to it. Scott has been kind enough to come into my classroom recently and talk to the kids about what careers are available in the world of aviation. Both kids and adults alike get very excited about aviation so you can only imagine who psyched the kids were when he came in. I wanted to share with you some of the jobs which he discussed with the kids, so that you too may consider working in aviation.

 Air Traffic Control

 Air traffic control or ATC are the men and women who work in the towers that you see around the airport and they carry out one of the most important jobs in the whole of aviation. What these professional air traffic controllers do is to basically make sure that planes do not crash into one another. As you can imagine the sky is full of planes and close to the airport there are a huge number of flights taking off an landing. It is the ATCs job to make sure that they are constantly keeping the flow of planes moving, whilst simultaneously keeping them away from each other.

 Aerospace Engineering

 For those of you that have a passion for creating and for problem solving, the ideal job within aviation for you may well be as an aerospace engineer. In aerospace engineering companies you will find the brightest minds in the world, smart men and women who are seeking to take us to the skies faster, higher, safer and for longer distances than ever before. These people deal with the cutting edge of technology and they make some of the world’s most staggering advancements.


 Our planes may be great but they are nothing without the brilliant men and women who fly them. To become a pilot you must study hard and rack up plenty of flying hours, but once you have you will arguably have one of the best day jobs out there. There is of course a great amount of responsibility on the shoulder of airline pilots and co-pilots, given the fact that their job is to safely fly hundreds of passengers from one side of the world to another. With this being said, pilots have the training to perform their job outstandingly well and they have all of the capabilities to keep us all safe. Just imagine waking up in the morning and heading to work, and then an hour or so later flying high above the clouds, absolutely incredible!

 What would you preferred job in aviation be?