Healthy mom

You know you should be doing more to keep up with your health and wellness. Yet, you’ve got so much on your plate that you don’t see how that’s possible. Between taking care of the kids, maintaining the house, working, and whatever other responsibilities you may have, very little time (or energy) to do anything for yourself. Though it may seem that way, the reality is, there are ways to prioritize your health while still juggling all you have going on. Here are some quick lifestyle hacks to try below: 

Eat Breakfast

Here’s a very simple way for busy moms to stay healthy – eating breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, yet, you’re so busy trying to get the kids fed and out the door to school, you settle for a cup of coffee on the go. This is not enough nutrients and vitamins to get your body through the day and as a result, you suffer psychologically and physically. 

So, make a point to eat breakfast every day. It doesn’t have to be a grand meal to count. You can have some scrambled eggs and whole-grain toast with a glass of orange juice, grapefruit and a cup of tea, yogurt with fruit and granola, or even a smoothie to go. 

Take Supplements

Unfortunately, the foods available and most convenient don’t provide the daily vitamins, nutrients, and minerals the mind and body need to function efficiently. Not to mention, some of the best tasting foods aren’t the best for you and can cause a plethora of medical problems. You can help counteract that by taking daily supplements. 

There are multi-vitamins which give you a needed dose of key vitamins and nutrients. There are also other health supplements such as probiotic capsules that can be instrumental in helping to sustain a healthy gut and increase the absorption of the nutrition consumed through your diet and other daily supplements. 

Make Exercise a Family Affair

Exercising is essential for so many reasons. Unfortunately, most women report that they don’t have the time to get in a 30-minute session. While going to the gym may not be possible when you’re raising children, working full-time, and taking care of the home, it doesn’t mean you have to exclude exercise from your life altogether. Try making exercise something the entire family does. This is a great way to spend time together and to ensure the health and wellness of those you love. 

Get your kids out of the house and go for walks with the dog after dinner, ride bikes on the weekends, when the weather allows, walk the kids to school instead of driving, or make household cleaning sessions fun with some upbeat music and a few good dance moves.

Prep and Plan Meals in Advance

Though it seems like more work than a way to improve your health and wellness, meal planning and prepping can be essential to you and your family. Find at least 15 minutes in a day to sit and think about what you’ll prepare for the week. Then, come up with a detailed list of things you’ll need from the grocery store. You can go shopping yourself or order things online and have them delivered to you. Then, choose one day out of the week to cut, wash, season, and even cook some of the items you’ll prepare throughout the week. This keeps you from wanting to eat out and saves you the headache of having to figure out what’s for dinner each day.

Designate One Day a Month to Yourself

You give your family every second of your day and every ounce of your energy on a regular basis. You have to find at least one day out of the month that you can invest in yourself. Pick a day, find a sitter, and plan something only for you. Go get a massage, get a manicure and pedicure, get your hair done, buy yourself a new outfit, hang out with your friends, take an online course or class, or do something that fuels your passion. 

Yes, the life of a mother is always going to be hectic. There’s always some need or desire that your children have that you have to fulfill. With that being said, however, if you’re not taking care of yourself, eventually, you won’t be able to take care of your kids. So, take the initiative to start incorporating the above healthy lifestyle hacks into your life for a happier, healthier you.