Students don’t always have it easy when it comes to finance and whilst they may be supported by their parents or with a part time job, this is not always the case. In fact many students rely on stunted loans from Performance SLC to get through their studies, which does give them enough money on which to survive, as long as they are good at managing their money. Managing cash is not something which most young men and women have had to deal with much, so this is a crucial time in terms of learning about cash management. If you are student, here are some top tips on how you can save cash.

Buying Books

Buying books is something which is always going to be necessary to your course, but what isn’t necessary is buying brand new books off the shelf. The best bet is to look into buying second hand books, either online, from a local store or from students who studied your course the previous year, and no longer require their books. You can save a lot of money buying books like this, as long as you make sure that the book is still relevant.

Eating in

Eating out at restaurants or fast food places is not going to help you out in terms of managing your cash and you should look to minimize the amount of time that you spend eating out. It is far more cost effective for you to buy groceries from the super market, and then learn how to cook a number of dishes at home. Many students may not have a great deal of experience at this, but there are more than enough resources online which can show you how to make delicious food at home on a budget.


The social scene is a key component of university life but even when you are partying, you can do so in a much cheaper way if you are smart. Instead of heading out at say 7 or 8, look to invite some friends over to the dorm first for a pre-party. Not only are drinks far cheaper when you buy them from the store, you won’t be paying any entry fees. Stay in the dorm till maybe 11 or 12 before heading out to just one club, minimizing your drinking costs and only paying one entry fee.


Students are afforded many discounts in stores and restaurants which you should look to take advantage of. These companies know that students aren’t the wealthiest population and so they will generally offer 10 or 20 percent discount. You will have to pay a small fee for a student card, but once you have it you will be able to use it to save money all over the place. Whenever you are making any kind of purchase, be sure to enquire whether they offer student discount or not.