Clean House

When discussing healthy living, it’s quite common to think of things like consuming proper nutrition and getting enough exercise throughout the day. Though both of these practices are ideal for improved health, other aspects get overlooked. Take the impact of the environment; for example, everything from the air quality to the cleanliness of the spaces you frequent can either hinder or enhance your overall wellbeing. 

While you’re unable to control the cleanliness or purity everywhere you go single-handedly, one place that you do have complete control over is your home. Whether you’re aware or not, several environmental hazards are lurking in your living space that, if not taken care of, can cause adverse physical and emotional problems. Going beyond the basic household cleaning, here are some suggestions on how you can create a healthier home environment. 

Steam Cleaning Carpets

As comfortable and aesthetically appealing as wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs can be in a home or apartment, they’re a significant trap for everything from dust and dirt to bacteria and dander. These allergens and contaminants get tracked all over the carpets polluting the air quality and increasing the risk of allergic reactions, respiratory trouble, and more. 

Beyond sweeping or vacuuming your carpets throughout the week, it is also necessary to complete regular deep cleanings. Steam cleaners are the most effective solution for getting down deep in the carpets’ fibers and eliminating these environmental threats. Steam cleaning at least once a month can make a drastic difference in your overall health and well-being. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Your carpets and area rugs aren’t the only things in the home that can accumulate dust, dirt, bacteria, and dander. Anything porous in the house, such as your couches, chairs, and curtains, can also impact your health. This is especially true for households with small children and pets who tend to track things everywhere. A simple solution to ridding your home of these health threats is to steam clean the upholstery regularly. 

Insects and Rodents

You may think that you and your loved ones are the only residents, but it’s not uncommon to have a few uninvited guests sharing your space. Depending on where you live and how well you maintain your house/apartment, invaders like insects and rodents may be present. These creepy crawlers and furry nuisances carry diseases and spread bacteria. 

If you’ve noticed things like nests, feces, chewed up food items, boxes, clothes, or paper, or damaged property, you may have an infestation. You can try purchasing sprays and traps from the store to rid your home of these uninvited invaders. However, if that is not effective, you should look into solutions like this Orange County Rodent Proofing service. 

Let The Fresh Air In

Several toxins can significantly reduce your indoor air quality from the candles and air fresheners used to eliminate odors to the dust, pollen, and dander floating around in space. You can quickly resolve this problem by opening up the windows and allowing the fresh air to circulate. Not only can a bit of fresh air eliminate any smelly odors, but it can also help reduce air pollutants’ presence.

Keep Mold At Bay

Living with mold is dangerous as it can result in upper respiratory problems ranging from allergy/asthma attacks to wheezing and coughing. It often grows in the home due to an unresolved roofing or plumbing leak or in damp, dark spaces with poor ventilation. If you spot mold in your house, you can try to get rid of it with natural solutions like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or vinegar. Ultimately, however, you’ll need to remedy the more prominent issue by contacting a roofer, plumber, or HVAC technician to stop the leak or improve ventilation. 

From moodiness to upper respiratory problems, your home environment can impact both your physical and psychological well-being. Along with making sure you sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, and wipe down hard surfaces regularly, try incorporating the above-discussed suggestions to create a healthier home, your mind and body will thank you for.