Each year that passes modern medicine becomes even more amazing, even better, more advanced and ultimately, can cure more ailments and save more lives. Within the medical field however, there are some doctors who are the leaders of this change, and who constantly look for ways in which they can go beyond what is normal, to find new solutions. One such doctor is John Kang MC, an ethical and intelligent doctor who works primarily in general surgery and oncology.  For John Kang Liquidmetal is an example of just how important innovation is to him, and it is why he continuously strives to try out new ways of doing things. Liquidmetal is slowly arriving into the world of medicine following many successful trials on medical devices, and doctors like John Kang WebMD contributor, are leading the change. We had a chance to sit down with John and find out why he invests so much time on innovation.

Early Reports

The first thing which John gets talking about is how impressed he was as a young doctor with the speed in which cancers were being understood and cured, through newer techniques. John tells me that from the time that he began studying to the time that he finished, the medical world had done more for cancer than in the previous 30 years put together.

Dealing With Patients

As much as John tells me that he loves his job, one challenge which he does regularly find is when he needs to speak to cancer patients with incurable diseases, treatable, but incurable. What John often thinks about, especially when losing a patient, is that in perhaps a decade or so in the future, that patient would receive a completely different prognosis. It is for these reasons why john will always look to try out new things with his patients such as medical trials and recently approved treatments and drugs.

Long Term

Another reason why John tells me that he invests so much time into innovation, is because of the simple values which he holds as a doctor. John became a doctor because he wanted to help to improve people’s lives, and whilst many may view the role of the doctor to help his current patients, John believes that it goes far beyond that. John’s ethos is that if he is able to make ground-breaking work with a patient right now, that this will enable other doctors around the world to greatly help a wide range of patients in the future.


John tells me that one of his biggest fears is losing passion for a job which he has invested so much of his life into. For him therefore, working additional time on a topic like innovation such as Liquidmetal, is what can help to keep the job fresh, and ultimately keep him in as passionate as he was when he first started out.

With doctors like John Kang MC in the world, we can all rest a little easier at night.