We hear all of the time about crazy diets, and fitness freaks, giving us a strange view on healthy people. At the same time we are regularly bombarded with gluttonous social media posts from people trying to sell fatty and unhealthy foods, this can be a tough mix to navigate through. The fact of the matter however, is that a healthy, balanced lifestyle is something which we should all be aiming for. This is not to say that we should go to extreme lengths to be super healthy or super fit, but we should all be losing after our bodies for the future. We spoke with medical professional John Clemenza on exactly why a health lifestyle makes sense.


The first thing to note is that a healthy person is a more balanced person in terms of their mental behaviors. Those who find success through business for example are far more driven and energetic, if they lead a healthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead us to feel stressed out, lacking energy, unable to deal with setbacks and ultimately a poorer version of who you shod really be. If you ahem big goals and you want to achieve them, start off with your diet and exercise routine.

Illnesses and Ailments

If you go and speak to a diabetes sufferer or someone who has terrible joint pain in later life, or perhaps someone with lung cancer as a result of smoking, they will tell you unequivocally that they regret the decisions which they took. The question for you is, will you be someone that took action whilst they could, or will you be one of those people who looks back o their lives and regrets not looking after their body sooner? The choice is yours, but the smart choice is to start exercising and living the balanced lifestyle which you know is best for you.

Long Life

There is no point in living as though you were going to die tomorrow because the odds are stacked far more on the side of the fact that you will probably live a very long life. With this in mind, I am sure that you would prefer to live a long and healthy life, rather than one which is filled with pain and illness. Make the decision now to live a better lifestyle, and you can ensure that your life will be long and healthy, giving you a lot more years to suck all of the fun out oft his life of ours.


What you put into your body will not only affect you, but it also could have an impact on your children should you choose to have them. As a parent you want to protect your child and give them the very best life that you can, but if you affect them negatively at the beginning of their life because of poor decisions which you took, this seems to be very unfair on your child.

It is never too late, let’s start exercising and living a balanced lifestyle, for the good of your life.