When we think of renovating a space or at least making small changes to it, there are areas of our homes that we put most of our focus on. The floors, the wall colors and even the furniture are the first things we think of. But there’s an area that can be just as impactful to the room if we paid more attention to it, our windows. Some of the best room transformations are because of doing something different to the windows and the area around them. Most windows are a prominent feature in any room, and they draw the attention of people every time they step into it. So whether you’re a renter and you’re looking for a temporary change, or you want a low budget room fix, consider these quick window projects that can totally make an impact in a few minutes or hours. They are guaranteed to give your home a more custom look and make your home feel even more like your own space. 

Paint Your Window Frames and Trims 

Did you know that you can transform a window with just a bit of paint? If you have a window that needs a new look, consider painting the window framing and trim black. It’s very much on trend right now and for good reason. It seems like a small change, but it makes a huge impact. It can frame a room by defining the window, so if you live in an open plan home you can make the living room area look different by painting the window frames, trims and borders black and keep the dining area white. It immediately separates the two spaces making them look like different rooms, and bringing different moods to each. Buy your favorite black paint, tape up the window glass to avoid getting paint on it and then paint away to elevate your home!

Modern Window Treatments 

Curtains make a huge impact on a room, in both a good and bad way. If a room has dark and dated curtains, it will make the entire room look dated. Curtains dictate a lot about how a room looks and feels. Often what makes curtains look older is the kinds of print and designs they have. If you want to modernize the window, it’s a matter of changing the old curtains to something new and more modern. For example, you can switch to light colored linen curtains to make the room softer, or you can invest in a really great set of blinds which is an even more modern choice that won’t make your room look like something out of the 80s. There are so many options for blinds, in different colors and even horizontal or vertical so you can get something that truly expresses the style of your room. 

Raise Your Curtain Height 

You don’t have to make a dramatic change to a window to transform it, sometimes the clever tweaks we make are just what’s needed. Most curtain rods are installed right above the window, but you can actually change that and raise the rods so that the curtains hang higher. It makes your room look larger because it draws the eye upwards and makes the ceilings look higher. The most luxurious spaces have high curtains. Instead of making the room look dwarfed, you can add height to your room without much of a change. You can also buy better curtain rods instead of the standard ones, which will elevate the room even more. 

Add a Live Edge Panel 

If you have a window that’s a bit too plain for your liking, you can add a feature that really packs a punch and makes it look like a unique custom window. Live edge or natural edge wood is a panel that preserves the original shape and look of the tree while still having a refined and stylish look. You can get a live edge slab cut down to the size of your window and fasten it on top of your existing indoor window sill. Now you can dress up the new window sill with plants and other pieces to really make the window area shine and make it a talking point. 

Get the Stained Glass Look For a Fraction of the Price 

Stained or textured glass is one of the more custom features that people put on their windows to make a room look more unique. This type of detail is also quite expensive to put into your home because of the skill it requires. The good news is, there’s a way to get the look without breaking the bank. You can buy a textured or stained glass decal or stickers that can be put over the existing glass and also get removed if you don’t like the look anymore. 

There’s a lot you can do to take a window from plain to style perfection. All it takes is a bit of creativity, some Pinterest inspiration and great execution and finishing. Your Instagram-worthy window is possible, and easier to create than you think!