Nowadays with a little bit of knowledge and equipment we are all capable of setting up the best digital marketing agency. The start up costs are very small as everything we need is at our fingertips. The first thing that you need to do is get yourself familiar with all of the current trends and ideas relating to digital marketing. This can all be found online or via books from the library if you have limited internet access.

It is also wise to have experience in the industries you will be working in, so do some voluntary work or even part time work in various industries to help boost your knowledge. If you can team up with other people willing to do the same thing and ideally these people should have skills and knowledge of other business areas.

Ensure that you are professional in how you dress and speak. You are now the master of your destiny and work life, you have to make people want to use your agency and they have to get along with you and trust you to choose you to work with them.

If you do not want to jump straight in at the deep end you may want to test the waters first, one way to do this is to contract to a larger company. This will give you invaluable experience and there won’t be as much risk. The work will be more guaranteed as the company will be more established than yourself and it may also give you the opportunity to make very important contacts and decisions. You will therefore take the risk out of starting your own company and you will have enough time to be working on your own business in the evenings.

You can use what you learn to help you build the right business model, you can take forward what you thought worked well and try to tweak or amend what wasn’t as good. This means that you are already creating a more positive and potentially more successful business. You can also use what you have learnt to help set your pricing strategy. Will you ask to be paid hourly, weekly or to receive a flat retainer and ask for extra cash for extra services. You may decide that on top of the retainer you would need to be paid commission which could be dependent upon how well you do or how many new clients you get for the business. You could also offer services such as creating an online strategy or introducing a new website for the company and so on, all of these services may have different fees. All of these will be decisions that you need to make when setting up your agency.

You should also piece together everything you have learnt and try to find a gap in the market. This gap is the niche and unique selling point for your new business. This is what will make you stand out from the rest and encourage clients to come to you and make you a success.