Sweet XVI

Many teenagers look forward to their sixteenth birthday so that they can enjoy their sweet 16. However, the pandemic has made that difficult for many people since it puts a limit on human contact and gathering sizes. 

As a parent, you can work around this pandemic to help your teenager plan out a sweet 16 during these difficult times:

Use Online Invitations

Some people may feel hesitant about sending and receiving invitations during this time. Due to this, you should consider using online or virtual invitations for the event. Online sweet 16 invitations are an affordable option to consider since you don’t need to go to people’s houses or mail them a physical invitation.

By using online invitations, you can inform people about the sweet 16 while respecting social distancing precautions. This way, you can invite everyone your teen wants at the party without leaving your home.

Wear Masks

With more people concerned about their health and catching the virus, it wouldn’t hurt to include masks at the party. Inform everyone to bring their own masks when they come to your teen’s sweet 16 to cut down on costs for yourself. This way, people will know the expectation and plan to bring their own.

You can always have backup masks available so you can offer them to people that may forget. This way, you can still minimize the spread of germs and keep people safe.

Limit Physical Contact

People will want to naturally interact with each other during a sweet 16, but you need to do your best to limit physical contact. For example, you should avoid having anyone hug or shake hands during the event. Many places recommend that you stay at least six feet apart, so keep this in mind.

In short, it’s important to give everyone the space that they need during these times. You don’t want to put everyone at risk or make them worry, so limit physical contact.

Decide on the Size

As your teen decides who they should invite to the party, you should make sure that it’s an appropriate size. For example, some countries don’t allow gatherings of more than 10 people, so think about these regulations as you plan. This way, you can minimize risks and provide enough space for everyone at the event.

After you figure out how many people your teen can have at the party, have him or her choose who to invite. This way, he or she can pick specific friends and have a good time.

Check With Parents

Before you invite anyone to your teen’s sweet 16, you need to talk with the parents. Some parents may not feel comfortable with having their children over during the pandemic, so you need to respect their views. After all, these teens live with their parents, so the virus could spread to their whole family.

If the parents want their children to attend, then they can do so. However, if they don’t want their children to go, then you shouldn’t force them to attend the Sweet 16.


Preparing for your teen’s sweet 16 may take some extra planning during COVID-19, but you can still work it out to provide an excellent experience. This way, your teen can invite his or her friends while enjoying the party. All it takes is some extra effort on your part to plan everything around the pandemic.