Loving your spouse means that his health and well-being is part of your thought process. Although men are able to take care of themselves. Many are stubborn and need further encouragement to live their best life. This doesn’t mean that you have to control every aspect – we’re all human! However, there are a few ways to help your husband in the right direction when his health needs more attention.

Compliments and criticism

Your marriage came from a place of love, so any health concerns about your husband can be too. Consider complimenting him on his accomplishments, such as arm muscles from working in the yard or a strong back from their professional job. If your husband is a fan of the gym, praise his progress for instant cheer.

Show your support

Your husband could be shy about discussing sensitive topics, especially when it comes to men’s health. He needs to know that you will support him through everything, especially medical issues he might feel ashamed to address. Be open and attentive of your own health to serve as a positive example. Encourage him to see a doctor specializing in men’s health to reassure him that treatment for low testosterone in men and other sensitive conditions is not only possible but nothing to be ashamed about.

Share your routine

Perhaps your husband needs a workout routine. Suggest a weekly run or hike where you can be alone together or involve your children to take a break from the house. Another great idea is to create a meal plan at the beginning of the week with healthy foods your husband loves and can take to work. Think protein, vegetables, and other sides for a full lunch.

Combine your schedules

Your husband may need to look to you for encouragement. If you can take the time for three meals a day and do activities together, your spouse may be able to get into a regular routine.

Find a factual doctor

Sometimes a person needs a push to take care of their health. By researching and finding a doctor that is both professional and friendly, you can help your husband with any health problems he may have and encourage them to continue their visits on their own time.

Take time for talks

Romance shouldn’t wait when you’re in a loving relationship with your spouse. Take the time to enjoy conversations with your husband when you’re able to and express your concern if they’re suffering silently through health issues. When you have a few minutes together, be it making coffee or going to bed at night, a conversation is a great place to start if you speak earnestly and honestly.

Communicate…but do it privately

There’s no need to embarrass your husband when you’re concerned about their health. If you need help, look to their closest friends who will keep things confident and can have a casual conversation to make a point. Whether your spouse is privately in pain or a social media influencer who refuses to seek help, the bottom line is that he is cared for, respected, and should be listened to with his health concerns. It’s up to him to seek a doctor’s help and feel your own support both inside and out.