road trip

My business partner Girish Navani and I have traveled the length and breadth of the USA on multiple occasions and during the days when we were trying to get things off the ground, we racked up a huge amount of miles. I must confess that I was always pretty bad during these road trips and I just hated being on the road for so long. My good friend Girish Navani on the other hand was always prepared for these long journeys and it was with his help that I was able to get through them, and eventually enjoy them. Girish Navani is Mr. Road Trip for me, and this is how we survived.


Music was always a key part of our road trips and because of the fact that Girish was such a huge music fan, he would always have the best playlists lined up for us to get through the journey. The mount of planning which he used to put in to this was incredible and he even went as far as planning different types of playlists in order to get through the many moods which you go through during a long drive. We would have music that got us up when we were down, music we could sing along to and claim music for when things got a little frenzied.


One of the main reasons why I eventually loved these road trips with Girish Navani was that he was always brilliant in terms of the conversations that we had, and he had a wide range of interests which we could discuss and talk about. It is crucial when you are taking a road trip with someone that you get on with them and that they want to talk and that is why Girish was such a good travel companion.

Car Preparation

My father was a mechanic, so I always knew my way around cars, something which really helped us with our road trips. Girish would always have to remind me to give the car the once over before we set off and I am glad he did. We only broke down on one occasion and it was unfortunately something which simply couldn’t be avoided. Checking the care before you go anywhere is absolutely essential because you can bet your bottom dollar that if you were to break down, it would happen like it did with us, in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere.

Breaking Up The Journey

Girish was always very keen on reading up the journey whereas I initially wanted to get from A to B as quickly as possible. To be completely honest Girish was absolutely right when it came to making regular stops because it meant that we could rest, avoid tiredness, go to the bathroom and basically freshen up every couple of hours so that we were at our best. If you are going on a long drive, then make sure that you break up that journey.