Henderson, North Carolina which is located about a forty-minute drive from Raleigh the capital of North Carolina, is a rural town full of historical interest. Its first store was open in 1811, upon the arrival of a large group of colonizers to the area. There are now many stores and full filled activities to do in Henderson. There are so many things to do with the children from Adventure Island, or Pullen park to the state fair or the marble museum.

There really is so much fun to be had in Henderson North Carolina for all age groups.  The adults and children can enjoy the outdoor theater or the cinema and all of the family can enjoy a shopping experience to remember.

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The famous store which has a reputation as America’s favorite Mother and Daughter store, is also renowned for being one of the best outlet stores in the whole of the USA. The Henderson North Carolina store, which stocks every available product and accessory for women, has a very knowledgeable workforce who will help you decide what is best for you, help you find the correct sizing and offer you as much assistance as they possibly can.

If you then top it off with good prices, even before the frequent sales and discount and promotion events, then the store will not even leave you out of pocket! There is always a saving to be made from this week’s promotional activities and reductions. The store which is very successful due to word of mouth and positive reviews where the staff are often referred to as stars.

All in all, your visit to the Bonworth store in Henderson North Carolina will be a day to remember. You will leave with a happy feeling, bags of perfect items exactly what you wanted at a very reasonable price and you will know that the trip has had moral and ethical value, due to the ethics adopted by the Bonworth store and its Chief Executive Officer.

With the ideas, ethics and knowledgeable workforce at your fingertips It really is easy to BeBonworthBeautiful.