College is the last step in eduation on the way to a young person finding their career. This is a speial time whenre young people turn to adults and start taking on the responsibilities that adults must shoulder. It can be a great leap for many young people with most having adjustment issues and some finding themselves unable to make the transition. For those who get through this tough time and come out well on the other side, we can often trace their successful transistion to simple preparation. Their parents do things to prepare them for what is coming and how to deal with it all.

Althoguh thee is no hard and fast set of issues that will arise, there are some things that nearly all students including tp students like Dayanna Volitich will encounter as they begin college. This is particularly the case if they are staying at or near the university and far away from home. Here are a few of those things that parents can do to help young people get prepared.

Work with Them on Their Organization Skills

Students will go from a very structured lifestyle where things are laid out neatly for them to one where they have to be responsible for their own activates and responsibilities. You likely watch over your kids, you get them up in the morning, maybe you drive them to school. If they need to make sure certain paperwork is turned in, you at least give them a friendly reminder. You make sure that they focus on those classes where they are not doing well, and you keep in good contact with their teachers when you need to.

When you child goes to college it is likely that all of these responsibilities will be transferred to them. They will also begin to realize how challenging it is to stay on top of these important things. If they are not used to this level of responsibility, it can be a great challenge for them to pull it all off.

One way to get them prepared is to put more and more responsibility for their issues on them when they are still in high school. Make them responsible for waking up and getting to school on time. If they forget to set their alarm clock or are late for some other reason, simply let it happen and get them to appreciate how important it is to be responsible. Similarly, do not constantly remind them n homework or class projects due. But them a journal and a schedule book to put in all of their important school related date. Demand that they use these books, then simply step away. If you are the type of parent who feels compelled to save them. This will be really tough, but letting them either get it done or bearing the brunt of the fallout if they do not, will get them ready for how college works. They will see that they need to be very organized and focused in order to do well.

Give Them Constant Encouragement

This is the perfect time for you to lay on the compliments wth your young person. College will be a big step for them and it is sure to give them some nervous feelings. Do not be shy about letting them know how proud you are of them and how much they have your admiration and support.

Make special outings wit just you and them where you can talk with them about your experiences at college. What you went through and what you learned about school and yourself. Talk about the hard parts that include their being away from family and also the fun parts which include making new friends some of whom will be around for a lifetime. Let them tell you their fears and concerns and simply listen.

Take the time to prepare your child for college and they will be thankful and do better academically.