An artist who has truly inspired Dayanna Volitich, as well as many other people around the world, is Salvador Dali. Daddy was nothing short of a genius, born in 1904 on the French and Spanish border, he led a very interesting and strange life. The story has it that Salvador had an older brother, who died before Salvador was born. When he was 5, his parents showed him where his brother was buried and they said that he was his brother’s reincarnation. This is likely to be where his surrealism first started.

Dayanna Volitich Delves into Salvador Dali

Dali was just 15 when he first publicly exhibited his art. 3 years later, he went to the school of fine arts in Madrid. His eccentricity, showcased particularly in his strange way of dressing, made him stand out from the crowd. Additionally, he behaved very Allesley and was known to be quite explosive. Indeed, it wasn’t long for him to be suspended and even eventually expelled for his behavior.

Dali told many stories about his life, and it is never quite clear which ones are true and which ones are just tales. Dali wanted to go outside of the norm. This was evident not just in his art, but also in everything else that he did. Consider, for instance:

  • That he would regularly walk the streets wearing a cape and twirling a cane. He would then ring doorbells and simply keep walking. People would simply stare at the strange individual doing this.
  • That he delivered regular lectures to other aspiring artists, once wearing a suit for deep sea diving.
  • That he once referred to himself in the third person for an entire interview.

No other artists have ever been able to grasp the surrealistic art movement as much as Dali did. He is the father of this movement and none have been able to measure up to him yet. He created art that was above reality, which is exactly what surrealism means. It wasn’t fantasy, as the belief was that surrealism was based on the truths contained within everybody’s subconscious, superseding reality. Unsurprisingly, famous psychologists such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were firm favorites of the surrealist movement and vice versa.

Interestingly, Dali was denounced by the surrealist movement’s accepted leader. It was said that Dali had lost touch with his roots and had become commercial. They claimed that his odd behavior was nothing but an act to attract attention. And the movement stated that his oddities took away from the serious elements of the surrealist movement.

When Dali’s wife died, in 1982, his own health quickly started to go downhill. Some say that he purposefully stopped drinking, becoming completely dehydrated, because he wanted to enter a suspended animation. Others believe that Dali was, by this time, completely mad and that this was a surrealist’s attempt at suicide. Indeed, in 1984, a suspicious fire broke out that some believed was intentional. In January 1989, he eventually died, just after signing a huge number of blank canvases.