Imagine for a moment your life without you in it. Who would take care of your children? There’s no one that’s going to give them the unconditional love that a mother provides. They may drive you crazy, but they’re yours. Everyone has moments where they feel depressed or anxiety-ridden, it’s perfectly normal. 

Substance Abuse

It’s a sad but true fact that many good people have an addiction to drugs. In recent history, opioids have crossed the rubicon from being a bad habit that’s hard to break to killing people every single day. Your body builds up resistance to drugs over time which means you have to take more, more often, to feel good. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol only mask the problem, they don’t solve it. Reality may be hard to face, however, it’s something you must do. If you have an addiction to pills, get help now. Your children, your spouse, and your family love you and need you. Look for an Orange County rehab facility, or whichever location works best for you, to have them assess your problem and get you on the road to a full recovery. 

The Hard Truth

Whoever said life is easy, must have come from another planet. Life can be tough at times, but getting through difficult moments makes you stronger. Sometimes you may want to throw in the towel, but that’s not really an option. Whatever the problem is, tackle it head-on. You may have a boss who thinks you’re a sparring partner and takes cheap shots or belittles you in front of other employees. The solution: look for a new job. Your bills are all past due and your credit is bad. The solution: find a part-time job and tighten your spending. You can get through anything if you address the problem and create a solution. 

Take Care of You

As a mom, your first priority is taking care of your children, this is true. However, if you don’t also take care of yourself, you won’t be any good for your children. It’s only a matter of time before you start to build inner resentment that you don’t do anything fun, all you do is care for others and exist. It’s important that you feel not only purpose (that’s your children) but also fulfillment. Leading a fulfilling life includes doing things that you enjoy. Read a good book, go to a day spa and enjoy a day of pampering, or have a girl’s night out.  

You are Unique

Every person on this planet is unique. There are no two people with the exact same genetic makeup. Your contribution to this world happens every day. Not everyone is going to be the president or a rocket scientist or discover a cure for a serious disease. However, you are raising children who benefit from your uniqueness, something they won’t receive from anyone else. Embrace who you are and understand that you are special and one-of-a-kind. 

Take Life One Day at a Time

You turned to drugs as a way of coping with the events you face on a daily basis. However, if you only deal with one thing at a time you’ll tackle what comes your way and reduce the strong feelings of anxiety. For example, your mornings are very hectic. You have several young children to feed, dress, and get off to school. Preparation is the key to success. Children respond very well to routines. Make their lunches and set their clothes out the night before. This way when the morning comes along you feed them, brush their teeth, put on the clothes, grab the lunches and head out the door. There’s no eliminating stress from your life, but you can cut it back drastically. 

As a mother, your life at times can become overwhelming. When this happens, take a moment to breathe and then think positive thoughts that you can do this.