Construction Worker

Whether graduating high school and headed to college or graduating from college and unsure of what to do next, young adults are often concerned about the employment opportunities available to them. Most parents of these young adults are equally interested in which jobs and careers their children will choose. 

While the decision is ultimately up to the job-seekers themselves, parents can provide guidance by suggesting employment opportunities that are particularly suitable for young adults. These options encourage career development and help build character.

Consider the following suggestions:

Loan Officer

Young adults can work towards becoming loan officers at banks. This involves talking with other people and helping them find appropriate loan plans for their situation. This may not be the first job that people think of, but it works great for young adults.

It gives young adults an idea of how banks work and how to effectively use money. These stand as important life skills for them. Your child could find work as a junior loan officer and other mortgage jobs available to young adults. This allows them to learn about loans and work out of the junior position.

Property Management

The process of screening applicants for rental properties and ensuring these properties are properly maintained requires a lot of time and energy. Many property owners – whether they’re individuals or large holding companies – turn to property management services to handle these responsibilities on their behalf.

Working as a property manager can be a very rewarding employment opportunity for young adults. Companies like Great Jones are constantly looking for energetic individuals with friendly personalities and can-do spirit to serve as property management personnel. These folks show available units to potential applicants, process rental applications, collect rent, and arrange for repairs and maintenance when necessary. It’s a lot of responsibility that showcases the work ethic and talent of young adults.

Construction Worker

Construction jobs always look for young adults to work for them. After all, construction and home remodeling work require people to be in good physical health who can work hard and long hours. If this describes your child, then this job could suit him or her.

Since construction jobs require this type of work, they want young adults to work for them since they tend to have good physical health. Not only that, but they pay well for new people, so this works as an excellent starting point for a young adult to make some money and gain work experience.


A plumber works as a unionized job. This means that your child will have job security while learning skills that apply in today’s world. While plumbers require extensive training, this is on the job training.

As your child learns the skills to become a plumber, they also get paid as they learn, making it an ideal job for young adults that pick up on new skills quickly. They can learn the necessary skills and become an effective plumber.


Electricians take a similar approach to plumbers. They get paid during training as well, making it a great way for young adults to learn the skills needed to become an electrician. This means that your child will feel like the training is worth his or her time since it works towards the necessary skills for the job.

Electricians also get plenty of work opportunities. After all, businesses and homes need their electricity to work, so you won’t have to worry about your child having work. There will always be people who face electricity issues in their homes.


Many young adults have the necessary skills to work as a secretary. This involves keeping things organized, answering emails and phone calls and working with the business’ clients. Also, most businesses need a secretary to maintain order for customers.

Since many secretaries need to work with a computer, your child will have an advantage if he or she has computer skills. This works great as a job that allows young adults to gain work experience while interacting with others.


Many people go to college, but college doesn’t work for everyone. If your child doesn’t want to go to college, he or she can still have job opportunities that will turn into careers. They can still succeed in life and have career opportunities as they try out one of these professions and work hard.