All About Our Nizza Bedroom Collection

The one space you should invest time and money in is the bedroom. We spend approximately 30% of our lives in bedroom spaces, that’s if you clock an average of eight hours of sleep in a day. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the ambience set in the room is relaxing and fits your preferences. Bedroom spaces accommodate an array of furniture pieces. They include wardrobes, dressers and beds. The latter is the central piece in any bedroom space. A bedroom without a good bed is not worth the title.

The Collection

There are several bedroom collections in furniture stores. They vary in styles and design. However, furniture collections are a worthwhile purchase since they often evoke an elegant look. Moreover, they perform well in functionality and durability. For bedroom collections the main pieces are beds, chests, drawers, nightstands and dressers. They can be bought as matching pieces or individual units. Collection pieces are often built to high standards and offer good value for money. However, selecting the best collection can be a daunting task. As a result, you are safe going for big names like Nizza. The Nizza bedroom collection by Alf Italia is popular among top interior designers around the world. The collection features in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and its application in bedroom spaces is unmatched. 

Italian Design

Italians are known for designing some of the best furniture pieces. The Nizza bedroom collection is more evidence that the Italian design never disappoints. All pieces are built to high standards and bear unique, attractive aesthetics. The Nizza bed features subtle lines that create crisp silhouettes. Matte finishes on the pieces all compliment the general design and add texture to the surface. The Italian style is a great addition to bedroom spaces and enhances the general look and feel of the room. It offers a modern look that holds a timeless appeal. Consequently, you can’t go out of style with Nizza bedroom furniture pieces.

Unique Features

Nizza bedroom collections have numerous unique features that make them a top choice for interior designers. Their aesthetics are unmatched and their functionality is equally good. The bed is available with a plethora of storage options. The nightstands complement the bed design and create a functional space beside the headboard. The Nizza chest has a minimalistic design that blends seamlessly with any bedroom design. The dresser features large storage spaces designed to accommodate everything you need to do all the touch ups as you dress up. The dresser has three spacious drawers and smaller drawers for extra storage. The mirror on the dresser also comes in handy when doing make up or checking yourself out.


Italians are known for their finishes and the Nizza collection features some of the best finishing for bedroom furniture pieces. The collection has a subtle two-tone look; a grey eco-veneer matte finish featuring highlights of clay eco veneer matte. The final look has a neutral tone that is a perfect blend for any colour scheme. The aesthetics of the furniture collection do not grapple with the colour of your carpet or window coverings. The Nizza bedroom collection can instantly transform your bedroom into a modern and elegant space.

If you are looking for unique bedroom furniture in Sydney, it’s hard to miss the Nizza bedroom collection. It is a popular choice and it’s found in all our stores. The furniture pieces are reasonably priced and offer a great value for money. They are a worthwhile investment and go a long way in turning your bedroom space into the relaxing area you desire. If you have enquiries or need clarification, we are happy to help. We know everything there is to know about the Nizza bedroom collection.