As you entered your teen years, you fantasized about being older and all the opportunities available to you. In retrospect, there is a lot of time that gets wished away in hopes of “better”; a better job, better money, and an overall better life. The next thing you know, you’re looking back on your life wondering where the time has gone and how you are the age you are now. And the reflection in the mirror isn’t the face you remember.

So why do your facial features change as you age? As part of the aging process, the skin loses its elasticity. With elasticity dwindling, skin becomes less buoyant and eventually begins to sag and wrinkle. Although the face is one of the first places that show signs of age that people notice, getting older means change throughout your whole body. Fear not, you may be able to slow your face giving your age away by incorporating a good skincare routine or turning to natural products like CBD balm, to promote healthy skin. Aging gracefully isn’t just about how you look; it’s also about how you feel. Mental and physical health goes hand in hand to defining your overall wellness.

With skin being the biggest organ, clearly you must take care of it throughout your life by taking precautions. Exposure to the sun can take its toll. Safeguard yourself by using sunblock and keeping on top of annual checkups which include skin cancer screenings. Hydrate! Staying on top of your water intake will not only help keep your complexion clear and radiant but it will also aid your internal organs with countless processes.

Make the time to stay active. Regular exercise doesn’t just improve your physical health, it is credited for lowering stress, helping you to improve your sleep and make a positive impact on your mood. Physical activity doesn’t have to be labor-intensive and unenjoyable. Find something that you enjoy doing. Your options are as diverse as your individual preferences; you could do anything from swimming, dancing, walking, yoga or nearly anything that keeps you moving and increasing your heart rate. The key factors to keep in mind are to be sure that the exercise you do involves all of the major muscle groups and, as you age, be sure to include balance training. 

Especially as you age, diet and mental health also play a major role in maintaining your overall health. Be mindful of what you fuel your body with. Any fruits and vegetables, regardless if frozen, fresh, or canned, are always an important component of a healthy diet. Make sure you eat more lean proteins than not. A good rule of thumb is to keep menu choices from being overly complicated is to stay away from saturated fats and processed foods. The more food you prepare yourself, the better it will be for you. Now that you know how to feed your body, do you know how to keep your mental health in check?

A fairly large component of good mental health is keeping your stress levels down. Stress can contribute to a number of physical ailments, so do what you can to ensure a happy head. Spend time with friends and loved ones; having a good support network is beneficial beyond measure. When thinking about spending time with those whose company you enjoy, don’t forget about your furry friends. Time spent as simple as petting your dog or cat can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress and improve your overall mood. 

Life is full of uncertainties, don’t you owe it to yourself to make yours as enjoyable as possible for as long as possible?