As a mom, you have many good reasons to stay healthy. The good news is that, even if you have a few bad habits, you can turn your life around and achieve your goal of sustaining a healthy existence. 

Get Outdoors 

Electronic devices are wonderful. However, there’s a time and place for them. Put down your device and take to the outdoors. Grab bikes, hoverboards or electric skates, pack an energetic lunch, plenty of water and sunscreen, and take a trip to the local park. The fresh air and elimination of online gaming and social media will allow you to relax and have a day of family fun. 

Remain Active 

Your body requires constant activity to remain healthy. Choosing to walk versus taking the car out for a short drive, parking further away from the front entrance to stores and doing some form of physical activity at least three to four times a week will help you to meet your goals. 

End Harmful Bad Habits 

Many bad habits come early on in your life. You may use them as a crutch when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. Smoking, drinking, and drugs are a few of the common to-go harmful past-times that many people reach for during such times. Unfortunately, regardless of the reason, a bad habit can reduce your quality of life. 

For instance, smoking can cause lung cancer and bring on recurring illnesses like bronchitis. Using alcohol as a crutch can cause a dependency that’s hard to break and serious liver damage. Abusing drugs like prescription opioids can also cause serious dependency and even sudden death in the event of a bad batch or an overdose. If you are unable to quit any of the above unassisted, help is available. The sooner you seek help, the better your chances are of sustaining a healthy life in the future. 


Obesity is a huge problem in the United States, with nearly 2 out of every 5 adults classified as overweight. There are many factors that contribute to the rise in overweight Americans. Poor eating habits, overuse of high-tech electronic devices, and fast-food restaurants promoting super-sized food as the norm on their take-out menu, are just a few. 

The best approach is slow and steady. First, buy only healthy foods like lean meats, fish, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Second, if you need to see a full plate to feel satisfied, start using one that’s a size smaller. In between meals, use water to suppress your appetite. 

A Deep Sleep 

Many people have trouble clearing their mind prior to going to bed. The goal of clearing the mind is to achieve a night of deep, sound sleep. Stress, anxiety, and yes, social media – even an hour before bed – can keep your mind active. 

Thankfully you can make a few simple changes and improve your chances of falling asleep sooner. Avoid beverages with caffeine or alcohol, turn off the television, and take a hot bath with aromatherapy scents like jasmine or lavender. Once in bed, a fan or blackout curtains will further enhance your efforts. 

Consume Ample Amounts of Water 

Water does so much more for the body than people realize. You already know it keeps you hydrated while you’re out in the heat, but you may not know that it cleanses your internal system, increases your energy levels and stops hunger. It also aids in digestion, the absorption of nutrition, circulation, maintains healthy amounts of saliva, and boosts healthier, more youthful skin. 

If you don’t feel as good as you did even a year ago, take a look at your habits. Making a few changes to your lifestyle can help you maintain a healthier existence both now and in the future.