San Diego

You wait all year for your vacation to come along and want to make it a fun time for all. While you’re bound to have fun as a family, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your trip is everything you imagine and more. 

Create a Packing List Ahead of Time 

In order to minimize costs for essentials, it’s imperative to make a comprehensive list. This can take several weeks to compose to make sure that you don’t forget anything like your San Diego surf shop attire. Ideally, each adult and child should have their own suitcase. A great way to keep outfits for children together is to use Ziploc bags and label them with the date. The toiletries bag and small carry–on luggage you can bring with you on the plane. This can contain small favorite toys for children and an iPad or Tablet, to keep them entertained. 

Purchase Tickets in Advance 

Last-minute shopping for airline tickets can leave you with a take-off time that’s somewhere in the middle of the night. Booking your flight early will afford you conveniences such as a desirable departure time, a better shot at choosing a non-stop flight, along with discounts for securing the flight early. 

Book Your Hotel 

Some online companies guarantee huge savings if you use them to find the best rates on hotels. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A good way to know that you got the best price for your hotel is to pick a hotel chain that you like and book your trip directly with them. Many times they’ll even match a lower rate you find online.  

The Itinerary 

Visiting a new place is exciting. In order to make the most of your trip and utilize your time, creating an itinerary is important. If you plan to stay for a week or longer, scheduling events for each day will let you see more. With many pristine beaches, parks, museums, the San Diego Zoo and Disneyland, there’s something for everyone. The vast cultures also provide many cuisines of different ethnicities. Planning ahead of time will allow you to get the true San Diego experience. 

Start Putting Money Aside 

Planning the ultimate vacation for you and your family is made easier with a plan in motion. Many people who travel annually deposit money into a separate account they use solely for their vacation. A little added here and there over the course of a year can really add up. 

The Airport 

The last thing you want is to have a piece of luggage or a container that’s not airline approved. It can end up making the start of your vacation miserable. Instead, check ahead of time with your local airport as to the size or containers and luggage allowed. You should also budget your time wisely and make sure to get to the airport with at least two hours to spare. 

The Cleaning Prior to Leaving 

While vacations are fun, they are also exhausting, especially when you are visiting a place for the first time. Before leaving home, it’s in your best interest to give your home a thorough cleaning. Take care of the laundry, put fresh linens on the beds and vacuum. It’s also smart to remove any open food from the refrigerator such as leftovers and to take the last bag of garbage to the curb. This way you’ll walk in the door and be able to relax immediately. 

Advise Neighbors 

Before you leave on vacation, make sure your security system is on and give your closet neighbors notice that you’ll be away for the week. This way they can collect the mail and any packages and keep an eye open for strangers showing an interest in your home. 

Getting the most out of your vacation is made easy by planning it in advance. This way once you arrive at your destination, you can let the fun begin.