Marketing is one of the most important parts of a business or organization. It involves product and target research, along with the process of promoting products and services to valued consumers. The desire to figure out how the consumer will understand the product or services offered and knowing what your consumer needs are just some of the responsibilities of a marketing professional. Pursuing a career in marketing will definitely give you a lot of opportunities as it can open many doors for you in different industries.  Here are six reasons to choose a career in this field.

1. The Career Prospects are Excellent

In the face of constant technological advancements and the opportunities they offer for better marketing options, the marketing industry is almost always in a constant state of growth. There are also many career paths in the world of marketing and as the market changes more paths also unfold. You can choose to delve into marketing through product design, marketing management, research, and so many other options.

2. You Can Work Pretty Much Everywhere

Almost every organization in existence needs marketing to function. This means that as a marketing professional, your skills will always be in demand wherever you are whether you’re looking for marketing jobs in San Francisco, New York or other cities in the US. You could go from working in the marketing department of a children’s toy company to heading the marketing department of a fast-moving consumer goods company.

3. Degrees Are Not Very Necessary

While you may or may not have gotten a degree in marketing, it should not stop you from applying for that marketing job. A lot of people begin long and rewarding careers in the field of marketing without having gotten a degree in it. Some of them simply take a few courses and begin freelancing, while some choose to work as interns for a short period.

4. The Pay is Promising

One benefit of getting a degree in marketing is that the startup pay for marketing graduates is by no means poor. Even if you did not study marketing in university, the field still offers plenty of prospects to make a very decent wage. Also, as you progress in your career, the amount of money that you make as a high-level marketing professional is very significant.

5. You Build People Skills

To have a successful career in marketing, you will have to learn the best possible ways to engage and influence people. As you proceed in the industry and gain awareness and insights about people’s personalities and how to negotiate with them, you will find yourself relating to everyone (including friends and family) in more productive ways. This will be good for your long term relationships.

6. You Can Let Your Creativity Loose

If you are the type of person that likes to try new things and challenge old systems of doing things, then marketing is exactly where you should be. As a marketer, you will be in charge of consistently finding new approaches to doing things and bringing customers along for the ride. This will encourage your creative side to come out and will give it a place to focus on.

Marketing as a career holds lots of promise for anyone interested in it. There are more reasons, but these six are a good place to start if you are wondering why you should choose a career in marketing.