There are many different search engine optimization strategies out there. So many, in fact, that it may be quite overwhelming to determine exactly which SEO strategy is good and which one is not. The reality is that there are good and bad things about each strategy that you will come across. However, there are six components that you should see across each of these strategies. Find one without as little as one of these components and you will have found one that you can completely disregard.

All Search Engine Optimization Strategies Focus at Least on the Following 6 Things

  1.  You will require keywords and key phrases. Getting those will take a little bit of research and they should clearly linked to the subject matter and niche of your particular website. Thinking about key phrases will enable you to stand out from the crowd because key words are incredibly competitive.
  2.  You need a URL that is befitting of your SEO strategy. Specifically, your main keyword, and preferably your key phrase, should be in your domain name. The shorter the better as this is easier to remember as well.
  3. You need a title tag in which your topic is addressed and that your main key phrase is once again included in. Often, someone who is online will look firstly at the title and it is a known fact that those who served the internet have a spectacularly short attention span. Hence, you need to make sure that it captures there eye and imagination, while at the same time ensuring that the search engines love it. Think about the headline of a newspaper and you will have an idea of what a title tag is about.
  4. Any meta tags must also focus on your SEO strategy. The description tag is perhaps the most important ones. This is something relatively new to the world of SEO because there were only a handful of search engines that looked at meta tags. However, this is no longer the case. If you want to look at SEO as an advertisement, then consider your meta tag as the description of this advertisement.
  5.  The first few sentences written on your website shut should once again talk about your key phrases and keywords. These keywords and key phrases should also be included in the rest of your content, but not too much because that is called stuffing and will cost you dearly, but that they are included within the first few sentences is absolutely essential.
  6.  Content is King. You must always have up-to-date, well written content on your website that is free from grammatical errors and keyword stuffing. It must be presented properly, written properly, and provide people with information they are actually interested in.

There is a lot more to SEO than the above six pointers. However, an SEO strategy that does not look at these six things is one that will never be successful either. In other words, this is a good starting point either for you to develop your own strategy or to determine whether an external professional will be of use.