5 Lifehacks for the Modern Woman

One of the biggest challenges for the modern woman is deciding what it means to be a modern woman. In shaking off the stereotypes of the past, we have learned to define ourselves by what we are not. We are not docile, weak, feminine, vulnerable, or subordinate.

Some of these make sense while others need more scrutiny. There is nothing wrong with femininity any more than there is anything wrong with masculinity. Any trait can be taken too far and become unhealthy, even toxic. There is also nothing wrong with being subordinate. No one is the king or queen of the world. We all have to answer to someone. You don’t have to be large and in charge of everything within reach. Likewise, vulnerability is not a weakness. It is a natural state of humanity. Part of toxic masculinity is never allowing your vulnerability to show. It is perfectly healthy to show your vulnerability when you are among people you trust. One of the best lifehacks you can adopt is to stop worrying about what it means to be a modern woman and just be yourself. Modern womanhood is not a club that you have to join or a uniform you have to wear. Let go of the stress associated with being a modern woman and just be the human that you are. Here are a few other lifehacks that will make your life a little easier:

1. Shop at Stores with Parcel Lockers

Make sure one of the places you routinely shop has electronic parcel lockers. They allow you to eliminate the worry of whether or not you will be home for an important package delivery. Considering all the package scams, you have good reasons not to want strangers hovering around your front door, anyway. If you happen to own a retail outlet, consider adding parcel lockers to your store as a service. It is a brilliant way to have people in your community come to depend on your store. It is a service that benefits everyone with no measurable downside. 

2. Focus on Your Mental Health

By focusing on your mental health, you will be improving other aspects of your health. You won’t just be achieving peace of mind and inner calm. You will be exercising, decluttering, and setting goals among other things. It is impossible to improve your mental health without improving everything else. However, it is possible to improve other things while neglecting your mental health. 

3. Advance Your Education

There is no downside to advancing your education. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We all know that the fight for gender equality in the workplace is not over. As a modern woman, it is not enough for you to speak boldly about the problem. You have to overcome it. Don’t be content to have the same credentials and work just as hard as your male counterparts. You have to work harder and be better credentialed. Yes, it is completely unfair. But by improving your education and credentials, you will be able to continue the fight from a position of power. That is really the only position from which you can expect to win.

4. Stop Trying Too Hard

When someone is doing their best to be popular with the cool kids, you can always tell when they are trying way too hard. It is always a bad look. You don’t have to always be in fight mode. There will always be people around you who are comfortable with empowered women like yourself. By always pushing, you might inadvertently push away people who would otherwise be your strongest allies

5. Do Something That Matters

The modern woman is not empowered just to be empowered. She is empowered so that she can make a difference. You can make a difference by devoting yourself to something that matters. Take an inventory of your time and see how you are using it. You don’t have to save the world. But you do need a meaningful pursuit that will result in a positive change for someone. That is how you know you have truly arrived.

Lifehacking is all about optimization. Adding something like parcel lockers to your business will improve the lives of everyone in your community. Focusing on your mind will also improve your body. Advancing your education will also advance your career. When you stop trying too hard, you release a lot of unnecessary stress. When you do something that matters, you blaze a trail for other women to be empowered.