Having customized items in your home can bring a cozy and warm feeling.  Customizing something with your favorite pictures from special memories is more meaningful and brings more life to some of these everyday products.  Get creative and bring your ideas to life with GoCustomized. They have an array of products to choose from. From custom t-shirts, custom phone cases, to custom pillow cases!

You can be the designer of your own apparel and design your own clothes! The options are limitless. If you aren’t feeling creative, they offer a whole collection of designs for you to choose from.  Their customizer is easy to use allowing you to create your product in 5 minutes.

First you choose your product that you want to customize. Then choose the color. Next you can upload an image or design, or choose one of their designs from their collection.  Then add some final touches with some texts. Their production team will take care of the rest. Here is a list of some of our favorite products from GoCustomized!

1. Custom Pillows

Customized pillowsYou can become your own interior designer by making these one of a kind pillows.  Upload your favorite family photo or vacation photo, or add your favorite quote. You can make it match with your decor or stand out!  Custom pillows for your children’s rooms or for the holidays! You can also make your own custom phone cases at Yourcustomphonecase.com.

2. Custom Laptop Sleeve

Bring some life into your everyday objects such as your laptop.  This offers protection and style at the same time. Don’t take the risk of damaging such a valuable item!  Share your favorite memories on your custom laptop case and make them last forever.

3. Custom Toiletry Bag

Design your own toiletry bag in less than five minutes. Hold your makeup, or all of your accessories. These bags are perfect for travelers too, making sure everything is held together. Surprise your daughter with her very own toiletry bag, adding a personalized message on it.  Personalized gifts are always more meaningful and make them more special!

4. Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are fun way to bring some life and excitement into your mornings. Use your favorite photo or a funny quote on your custom coffee mugs.  Such a little thing but can make you smile every morning when you’re sipping your coffee. You could get “His” and “Hers” matching mugs.

5. Custom Tote Bags

You need a bag almost everyday.  Whether it is going to work, going shopping, or on a short trip. Customize your own tote bag and show it off! This will become your favorite tote bag you take everywhere.  Not only is this a cute and fun bag, but you are helping the environment with investing in this bag. Eliminate the need for plastic bags and carry this handy custom tote bag.


GoCustomized has a whole blog to help inspire you with ideas for customizing your products.  Get as creative as you want or steal some of their ideas. The options really are limitless! Check out their site, these also make great gifts for friends, family, and coworkers.”