Unless you’ve been stuck using your VHS to play Jane Fonda workout videos since Hulk Hogan was a WWF champ, you may have noticed that Crossfit has been taking over the fitness world one workout at a time. What you might not have considered is why Crossfit is extremely dangerous and here’s why.

You might just be another number

With such an explosion of gyms offering Crossfit programs to increase their bottom line, you might be ushered into a workout you are not exactly ready for. You might be hoping to get in shape fast and Crossfit might look like the way to go. However, with typically large group sizes and little one on one attention you could get in over your head.  It could help to speak to a personal trainer or someone who knows Crossfit and isn’t the one selling the program, to make sure it’s right for you.

Increased injury for newbies

Many people think they are more fit than they actually are, they might have an image in their head from college about how sporty they were. It might have been years since you were regularly active and as a newbie to a highly demanding fitness class like Crossfit you have an extremely high possibility of getting injured before you get back Lawyers Near me.

You might not be getting what you think you paid for

A lot of people don’t know that CrossFit Inc. is actually a trademarked standard that has specific requirements, training and fees in order for someone to use there license.. You might think you have signed up or paid for an authentic CrossFit Inc. program, yet there is a good possibility you’re not getting what you paid for. Low-end gyms or online advertisers might be offering a Crossfit style of program, that program could however, be anything. With a lack of proper training from the real CrossFit Inc. organization, your run of the mill instructor might be leading you down a path of misplaced workouts that could lead you to negative results you weren’t expecting.

You might get addicted

Let’s face it, Crossfit is a fad, a massive fad sweeping the athletic world. Tae Bo was the fad of the 90’s brought to us by the tight workout shorts of Billy Blanks. It had every gut-busting bald guy feeling fit. Wii Fit brought every grandparent, grandchild and reluctant teen off the couch and onto the living room dance floor of the 00’s. Now we have Crossfit, as advertised on the t-shirts of the guy drinking beer and eating chicken wings at your local pub. Or blasted across the back of minivans at soccer tournaments everywhere. With Cross-fitters looking to belong with the latest trend, you might find yourself addicted to “the look” and be emptying your wallet to keep up appearances.

Do your homework, make sure you are using an authorized gym. Don’t jump in over your out of shape head and whatever you do, limit your minivan to one Crossfit sticker per bumper. Crossfit could be extremely dangerous, don’t find yourself as another negative statistic.