There is no such thing as certain times. All times are uncertain to some degree. Wen everything is coming up roses and all your bets pay off big, it is still an uncertain time. Whether it is good times or bad, the only thing about the times that is certain is that this, too, will pass.

Depending on how you take it, this could be a source of anxiety, always wondering when the hammer will drop. You could forever be looking over your shoulder in anticipation of your joy to be replaced with tragedy. But if that is your frame of mind, you don’t really have joy at all. Instead, the tenuous and fluid nature of events should remind us to savor every moment of the good. And when bad things happen, they are equally fleeting. A better moment is always on the horizon.

This is why it is so important that we not get too high over the highs or too low over the lows. There is something to be said for learning to take life in stride. When a year like 2020 comes along, it should not cause us to put the breaks on everything about our lives worth living. Things might not get back to normal until some time in 2022. Here are a few of the things we should find a way to keep doing no matter what:

Celebrate Things That Are Truly Meaningful

It is a sad and dismal life when there is nothing to celebrate, no parties to throw, no great occasions to mark. Such a life would be nearly intolerable. You have to find reasons to celebrate, and creative ways to celebrate those moments you discover. When your teen tells you they want to learn to play the guitar, hard times are the perfect times to say yes. Furthermore, spring for the best of the acoustic guitars you can afford.

You can afford to say no to a lot of things when times are good because there are plenty of good things to fill the time. But when things are bad, we all need something that can occupy us with joy. So when your kids do well and accomplish something truly meaningful when times are rough, they should be rewarded, and so should you. Don’t let hard times rob you of celebration.

Continue to Save Money

When managing household expenses during uncertain times, you still have to find a way to save money. The budget must continue. In fact, it is during truly uncertain times that the budget matters the most. You must always budget for the worst of times. As the saying goes, “hope for the best but plan for the worst.”

Commitment to savings is what gets you through the tough times. It is an integral part of financial responsibility. Even if you have to slightly modify your budget to accommodate your circumstances, you still have to remain financially responsible. Some people become depressed and decide there is no point of making financial sacrifices indefinitely. They decide to eat, drink, and be merry while throwing caution and financial responsibility to the wind. Fight that feeling at all costs. Your steady hand is what will guide you through every financial storm.

Continue to Evaluate Your Relationships

When life gets tough, it often has a deleterious effect on relationships. You are not at your best and neither is your partner. Tough times are bad times to make big decisions. That said, you should never allow yourself to get trapped in a relationship. That is when things can become more than unpleasant; they can become dangerous.

You have to continue evaluating your relationship the same as always. Hard times provide no excuse or cover for abusive behavior. Zero tolerance means never making an exception for violence. Once is too many times. You should not allow it to come to that. If you feel unsafe at any time in a relationship, you should leave and worry about what happens next as you go. Don’t stay or leave your children in an unsafe situation no matter how uncertain the economics seem at the time.

The tough times will pass. In the meantime, continue to celebrate things that are important. Stay the course by saving money. And evaluate your relationships as you would in any other time.