Being a parent means many things to many different women and men.

That said what signs should you look for as your teen grows up in front of you?

From thinking about what college they may want to go to getting their feet wet driving, you will watch them grow.

So, are you ready for your teen to grow up?

Watch for Your Child to Change

As you watch your child change over the years, here are three signs they are maturing right in front of you:

Thinking about college 

It may well seem as if your child was only in diapers and learning how to crawl not too long ago. That said you may be at a time now where they are thinking about what college they may wish to attend one day. When this time comes, you want to be as helpful and understanding as possible. Picking the right school is not something never to hurry. Sit down with your child and help them in this all-important process. They may have a favorite school as early as late in junior high or early high school. No matter when the time comes, you want to be supportive and help them with the questions they will have. From affording a school to deciding if they in fact have the grades to get accepted, be there for them.

Learning how to drive

Do you remember when you learned how to drive many years ago? Well, the time may be now that your son or daughter wants to do the same. If so, you will want to be sure they are as safe as possible when out on the roads. If you will be getting them a vehicle since the family car is not enough or you need more wheels, take your time. If opting for a used vehicle, you can do a license plate search of the car or truck. With the license plate, you can learn important details about the vehicle of interest. From if the vehicle has been a part of any accidents to any current recalls it may be under, learn as much as you can. In the end, you want the safest vehicle possible for your loved one to get behind the wheel of. So, when determining if you should buy a new or used vehicle, take time to research all the options.

Taking care of their siblings 

Last, when your teen has younger siblings in the home, you may rely on them to help. With that in mind, you should be able to ask your teen to help at home. This is like babysitting, getting your younger children to and from school and more. In being a big brother or sister to their sibling or siblings, your teen takes on responsibility. That responsibility will help them once they leave the nest to go to college, enter the military and more.

When your teen is growing up in front of you, sit back and appreciate this wonderful part of being a parent.