In order to repair your online reputation you have to keep up to date with the SEO game, so what is new and important for 2018?

There is an all-important talk about keywords and the importance of using them in your online content, but how do you find the right ones and how do you use them effectively? Number one, they must be relevant. If you are struggling, there is an online planner offered by google which can help you.  Unfortunately, the high demand keywords will now cost you so avoid the most sought-after phrases. To keep costs low look for medium volume keywords which have a relatively small competitive index. You should also look into searcher intent, this is using keywords that will attract buyers rather than just mere browsers.

Some tops tips are to provoke and action or response by using phrases such as “for sale”

Another key point is to mention your location, be as specific as you can possibly be.

Add as much content and context as you can and encourage targeted traffic. 

Be careful though you do not want to overstuff your article with the same keywords. Two to four times is more than adequate and any more and your article becomes disjointed and the reader is likely to leave at this point. It is very important that the article reads like a natural piece of work, read it back to yourself if it helps. Are any parts of it untidy and difficult to read or enjoy, if so remove them? Don’t move keywords from the title, meta description, URL or H1 or H2 however as these are what the crawlers are looking out for. They are also what can improve click rates and conversions.

The next important point in our visual age is to make the most of your images. Users are drawn to pictures and visual representations. Just use the filename and alt tag to give them a relevant name, the crawlers can not see what an image is but they can read its title and rate its relevance from that. If you need further advice on how to use the alt tag on different web platforms, then you can google the platform that you require online and it will give you an illustrated step by step guide for the information you require.

Another key requirement is that you should track your data. This will enable you to keep building your SEO attempts and to optimize the results and attempts that work best. Being able to adapt the ones that haven’t worked quite so well and optimize the ones that have, your sites will continue to fly through the rankings. You need to monitor your backlink profile as well as your key performance indicators (KPI’s) as well as web traffic, click times and search rankings. This will all come together to make a package of success and help you to determine what has worked. Again, there are many online tools that can help with this just do a bit of research and give some of them a trial.