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There’s a lot of negativity in the news lately. So we thought it would be nice to look at a few companies that are trying to do a little good in the world.

Family Soup

This company is dedicated to helping families that have children with special needs. Its sole mission is to guide parents on how to become the best advocates to their children. By becoming good advocates through guidance, they can care for the children and help them realize their full potential in today’s society.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

This brewing company has partnered with a local Mendocino Community Foundation to help with donations to the community around them. The partnership has gone a long way in helping the community during this pandemic. The brewing company has set aside profits of three beers, Poleeko Pale Ale, Boonville Gold, and Hop Ottin’ IPA, to help fund the community’s relief funds. They have also contributed to the food banks in the area, ensuring the organization has food security during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Here is a lending company with an active interest in the community. Not only do they help customers in a pinch, but they help those customers build a credit history. When you take a loan from Oportun, you generally pay less interest than you would with other personal loan agencies. The loan process is fast and transparent; all details are disclosed to you there and then. Also, there is much flexibility when paying back the loan. Oportun offers auto loans in California to help its customers get a vehicle and establish a credit history. 

Klean Kanteen

This company is dedicated to working for the people and helping them. Klean Kanteen has partnered with multiple non-profit organizations that deal with environmental conservation and social safety measures. Through research, development, and advocacy, Klean Kanteen can help such organizations pass the right message about conservation of human, plant, and animal life by using safe practices regardless of the field one works or lives in.


Matrix Parent Network and Resource Centre helps and cares for parents who have children with special needs. This support goes a great mile in emotional support for these families. Matrix offers a parent support guide where they help parents know how to handle their kids who have special needs. Matrix also provides a platform whereby professional parents undergoing similar scenarios can interact and help other families with advice.


Through the Tesla Owners Club, Tesla is dedicated to helping the community around them. It has organized food donations to help people around their community who are unable to source a meal. The club has a strong foundation and desire for philanthropic work.

Imperfect Produce

It helps communities and families have access to food through reduced rates. Imperfect Produce has made tonnes of donations throughout the country, ensuring food banks are well stocked. The company is also working hard to ensure that essential service workers are well fed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has partnered with Appetite for Change to support the black lives matter program to portray health and social equity.


Patagonia created a platform, Patagonia Action Works, that helps connect the community to organizations that are committed to tackling the environmental crisis. It also helps those members in the community who have a particular skill set to have ease of access to these organizations where they can fully utilize their skills. Through Patagonia Action Works, people can champion for issues they support and get their voice heard.


The company has supported the recycling of used goods to prevent litter and waste accumulation. Their focus is on the conservation of the environment by employing green shipping products. There is also a platform where they advocate for the resale of used household items rather than disposing of them.


The company is dedicated to helping the community around California. The COVID-19 period has not been comfortable. AT&T is committed to supporting social and health workers through donations to help them during the pandemic. The company has also been working hard to help people be connected to their loved ones through their networks. It has donated around $3.5 million to help vulnerable communities access shelter, and food, education access through online platforms, and food provisions throughout the communities.