Being a digital nomad is an adventurous but challenging thing to do. You leave your home country and set off the explore the world while also trying to establish income. The beauty of being a digital nomad is that the world is your office. You can begin your digital nomad experience in the beautiful sunshine of Spain then travel to London to get a cozy for a long work contract you have to finish. Though Europe has many nomads, Southeast Asia is becoming a popular destination. Countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand are slowly but surely being regarded as the digital nomad countries to be in. Chiang Mai, Thailand is becoming known as the digital nomad hub of the world, for good reason too.

Extremely Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Chiang Mai is minuscule coming from major cities in the Western Hemisphere. A one-bedroom condominium can start as low as $297 a month with great amenities like air conditioning, a swimming pool, fitness center and wifi. If you are a simple person and do not require all the extras, you can find a studio for $86 a month!  The process is also very easy. You can fly into Chiang Mai, spend a week at a hostel and begin the hunt! There are many websites online that are helpful as well.

Amazing Culture and Food

The Thai culture is very prominent in Chiang Mai. The people take their traditions and values to heart, which can be seen in their magnificent festivals that happen many times throughout the year. The largest festival is by far Loy Krathong, lasting several days. The city is filled with so many events such as lantern lighting ceremonies, dance performances and even beauty pageants.

Chiang Mai is also known for its amazing food, though you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy it. The street food is phenomenal in Chiang Mai. It is a meat lovers haven. You can grab mu ping (pork skewers) or sai au (spicy sausages) at a very affordable price. The city has many restaurants that serve amazing food that is up to par with anywhere else in Thailand.

Great Community of DNs and Expats

A very large community of digital nomads has exploded in Chiang Mai. This community is an excellent support group and offers training seminars, networking events and social outings. Making the big decision to become a digital nomad becomes so much easier when you have a large support group, almost like a family. With loneliness being a big struggle in the digital nomad transition, the community in Chiang Mai helps avoid that. Because of the large working community, there is wifi and co-working spaces all around the city.

Explore Chiang Mai as Your Digital Nomad Starting Point

Chiang Mai has the building blocks for being a wonderful starting experience for someone looking to change their life as a digital nomad. This city may be one of the first places you consider if you want to live in a place that already has a thriving digital nomad community while still staying true it’s culture and roots.