team work

The truth is that most conventional team leaders out there do not actually possess the skills that are needed to grow a team that is capable of self-management. However, this is highly valuable for every single business that wants to be as efficient as possible. German Trujillo Manrique talks below about some tips that will help grow self-management teams, those teams that are capable of being highly-efficient in the workplace.

The main capability areas that are needed include those mentioned below. We will focus on somethings that have to be mentioned but we should remember that much more can be said about all subjects.

  • Commitment and belief
  • Team motivation
  • Development and Growth
  • Team empowerment
  • A continuous improvement
  • Commercial Awareness

Commitment And Belief

You need to believe in the fact that self-management is mandatory for a team to be highly successful. When you are not committed and you do not believe this is a necessity, efficiency will be low. Hands-on management is not that great in the modern business environment.

As a manager that tries to create the self-management team, you need to encourage all workers. They need to be praised and whenever poor performance appears, it needs to be handled in a way that is going to be beneficial for the business. Practically, the power of positive enforcement is much higher than being focused on poor performance.

A Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is necessary for absolutely all self-managing teams. This includes:

  • Service improvement
  • Product improvement
  • Business process improvement
  • People improvement
  • Financial improvement
  • Customer satisfaction improvement

There is a connection between all the elements mentioned. Teams have to be facilitated and the focus has to be put on all of these elements at the same time. Looking at just one of the areas can easily lead to making bad choices as other areas will be negatively impacted.

Team Motivation And Empowerment

Motivating a team is always really important but it is not the only thing that needs to be considered. Empowering the entire team is also something that has to be taken into account. This is practically a vital part of self-management.

Managers need to trust their team and the team needs to trust the manager. Also, trust is needed between all team members. In the event that trust is not present, the team simply cannot gel together.

Commercial Awareness

People that grow the self-management team act as team consultants. The best consultants have a specific expertise area and normally have more knowledge about business, how companies work, why they fail, why they succeed and how a business makes money. Commercial awareness is mandatory for the self-empowered teams, those that are capable of managing themselves.

Development And Growth

Last but not least, growing self-managing teams is all about development and growth. This includes development and growth for team members and the individual. People responsible for growing the team have to understand the fact that knowledge, skills and insights have to be grown. We always see a focus that is put on both the individuals and the team as a whole.