The ways that you can use essential oils are nearly limitless. These natural oils are derived from plants, retaining the original scent (or flavor) of their source. Essential oils boast a wide array of therapeutic and medicinal uses. As more people learn about the many benefits of these natural products, their use is becoming more widespread through various avenues. 

Here are four of the best uses that you should consider for your essential oils.


The most common way that people use these oils is in the form of aromatherapy. Simply inhaling these scents can have a powerful effect on your overall physical health and mental well-being. Here are a few of the most common oils used as therapeutics.

  • Lavender – Touted for its relaxation benefits, using lavender before bedtime will promote restful sleep as it calms the mind and body.
  • Orange – On the opposite end of the calming lavender is the jolt you will experience from citrus scents such as orange. 
  • Chamomile – Inhaling this oil will bring about calm, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Menthol – Menthol is useful in helping some people relieve headache symptoms, particularly for migraine sufferers.
  • Ginger – If you are dealing with nausea or vomiting, you may want to try reaching for the ginger essential oils.

You can use essential oils for aromatherapy purposes through a myriad of methods. Some of the best choices to deliver these healing scents are through diffusers, incense products, dry evaporation, or simply smelling the oils directly from the bottle. 


Essential oils also have a variety of uses as skincare products. Specific oils can aid in toning, exfoliating, and healing irritated skin. For example, rosehip oil offers antioxidant properties that make it invaluable for skin regeneration and tissue healing. The anti-inflammatory fatty acids combine with vitamins A and C to treat skin aging and hyperpigmentation. 

You generally do not want to apply the oil directly to the skin without diluting it. Blend the preferred essential oil into a carrier oil before applying it directly to the skin. Good carrier oils include sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, and jojoba oil. Some skincare products already have the oils incorporated into the treatment. Or you can create customized treatments by adding your preferred oil to your favorite products. 


Baking with essential oils is an easy and healthy way to add a powerful flavor punch to various food products. It is important to note that not all essential oils are safe for consumption. Only use food-grade essential oils if you plan on ingesting them. It is also important to remember that essential oils are exceptionally strong, meaning a little goes a long way.

Some of the best essential oils to have on hand for baking purposes include lavender, peppermint, citrus, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and thyme. With a little experimentation, you can incorporate these oils into your favorite recipes to enhance their flavor.

Adding Scents to Candles or Cleaning Products

The pleasant scents that make essential oils so attractive for aromatherapy purposes also make them great for candles and cleaning products. You will continually enjoy these oils’ aromas if you incorporate them into products that you already use. It is easier than you think to add your favorite oils to a bevy of practical applications.

For example, try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil scent into your basic eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Good oils for cleaning products include pine, lemon, or cinnamon. Adding a few drops of essential oil to a hand sanitizing product will elevate the smell and make the treatment smell less clinical and abrasive. You can also add them to homemade candles to emit any scent that suits your fancy. Choose seasonal scents or go with classic oils that are appropriate for any time of the year.