If you are working on new construction or remodeling, glass pool fences and glass railing systems are an excellent way to instantly modernize any property. Both glass pool fences and glass railings are a fashion trend that is sure to make your property stand out above the rest. With their crystal clear, transparent look and ability to create an open space, they create a breathtaking atmosphere

Standard pool fences and railings obstruct the view and corrode over time. You won’t need to worry about either of these problems when you choose glass pool fences or glass railings. Instead, you will have a clear view of your landscape, patio or pool. Since glass pool fences and glass railing systems are made with tempered safety glass, you will get a crystalline look that is both pleasing to the eyes and easy to maintain. You will also receive a strong, durable and impact resistant pool fence and railing system. 

Aesthetics are important when choosing pool fences and railing systems, but safety is also very important. Glass pool fences are made with climb resistant panels and have self closing gates. Glass railing systems meet building codes and industry discounts are available. In addition, the ½ inch thick tempered safety glass used in glass pool fences and glass railing systems is made to meet pool safety laws and HOA safety codes. 

Tempered safety glass is also low maintenance, so your glass pool fence and glass railing will need very little attention. Still, a permanent glass coating can be added to reduce the cleaning even farther. If you have oceanfront property, you may want to consider adding this protective coating to your glass pool fence or glass railing system. 

Glass and pool water both create a see-through look and go great together while glass railing systems blend in with the clear air. When you choose glass pool fences and glass railing systems, you are raising the value of your property while instantly modernizing it, as well as creating an inviting atmosphere while meeting safety codes.