kit car

Kit cars is basically Lego for adults so says Jeffrey Breault and for the last 15 years he has created many of these road going vehicles in his garage. Jeff has been a car fan since he was still in diapers and he has never lost that love and passion which he had back then, for all things automotive. It makes sense therefore that as soon as Jeff got himself a home, that he would turn the garage into a homage to cars and that he would use this space to build his very own car. I was speaking to Jeff last week about his kit car passion and here is why he thinks that everyone should have a go at making one.


 Jeff knew at an early age that it was highly unlikely that he would ever be able to afford a supercar on his own or that he would be able to work on such amazing cars. With a kit car however, these dreams can almost come true as you can spend as much time as you want under the hood of a cool and beautifully designed car. If you had dreams of working on sports cars, this is the next best thing.


 Jeff says that what he loves most about these cars is the learning process which goes into working on one and as a result of working on kit cars he has been able to greatly increase his knowledge of cars in general. It is not just the outside of a kit car where you need to learn, you also need to understand the parts underneath the hood and how best to build the car for maximum performance.


 Another reason why Jeff loves his kit car so much is that he finds the whole experience of working on one incredibly cathartic. In fact, Jeff says that when he gets into the garage, flicks his country music on and gets to work on the car, everything else pales into insignificance. This is why he has always found his type of work to be a very relaxing and stress-free pastime.


 Everyone needs a hobby and if you are a car lover then there is no better way to enjoy your free time than working on building your very own car. For Jeff Breault he believes that through building your own cars like this, you can get closer to your passion and you will fall in love with cars all over again.


 Jeff has built 3 of these cars so far and when I ask him what it is that keeps him going and keeps him striving for success, he talks about the moment that he first turns the engine on a completed kit car and hits the open road. For Jeff that moment right there is exactly why he adores this hobby and why he keeps on producing more cars.